Australia plus ça change – this week in nuclear and climate news

Abbott hallelujahAUSTRALIA

Australian politics is in a pretty parlous state. We have just got rid of the worst Prime Minister in Australia’s history. We now have Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, a more likable personality, with a better general intelligence. But the policies remain the same, especially on climate change, as Graham Readfern has shown, in  a devastating critique.  But, Malcolm Turnbull might move slowly and subtly on climate change. As PM Tony Abbott was the Labor Opposition’s best asset, we wait to see what happens in that camp.


Uranium sales to India  Government committee finds that it is too dangerous to sell uranium to India. Uranium deal with India is also bad for Australian business.

Nuclear disarmament Australian govt ‘sees no value’ in humanitarian pledge on nuclear disarmament. Australia, formerly a leader on nuclear disarmament, now a leper in the regional disarmament movement

CLIMATE CHANGE. Survey findings  Rio Tinto, Business Council of Australia to be top climate hypocrites. Australia’s and New Zealand’s Prime Ministers just don’t care about Pacific Islands with sea levels rising.

Victorian Environment Protection Authority wants ILuka Resources to explain radioactive trash dump plan.

Renewable Energy: Companies looking for renewable energy investments in Australia

Aboriginal IssuesAboriginal Freedom Summit 2 pushes for Treaty


WORLD. Learn about these terrific films showing at Uranium Film Festival in Berlin. Russian who saved world from nuclear war.

IndependentWHO: Our demands to World Health Organisation.

Arab Bid to Monitor Israel’s Nuclear Sites Rejected at UN Atomic Agency.

MEDIA. Fukushima Sensationalism and Hoaxes

CLIMATE Climate change at a ‘turning point’ – could now move faster. Climate Risks from Nuclear Power. Radioactive Krypton 85: Atmospheric-Electrical and Air-Chemical Effects of Ionizing Radiation in the Atmosphere.

RENEWABLE ENERGY Renewable energy race – 5 developing countries fast ditching fossil fuels. 100% renewable energy achieved in city of Columbia, MarylandColorado city Aspen achieves 100% renewable energy. 500 MW Renewable Energy Plan for Alabama.

JAPAN ignores post Fukushima nuclear safety guidelines     JAPAN lifts evacuation orders on irradiated towns in preparation for 2020 Summer Olympics. Call by former Prime Minister Koizumi for a national anti nuclear movement. Unspoken Death Toll of Fukushima: Nuclear Disaster Killing Japanese Slowly.

Fukushima  Typhoon Etau flooded Fukushima Daiichi.  Strontium-90 density rose up 155 percent of the previous highest reading in the seaside of Reactor 2.  395 bags of tainted material washed away in floods. Tepco started discharging contaminated groundwater beside crippled reactor buildings. 850 tons of ‘decontaminated’ Fukushima water dumped into ocean.  Another Fukushima worker died / No media coverage. Solar farms in Fukushima.

FRANCE.French govt uses amendment to impose nuclear waste dump without parliament vote

UK.  Bloomberg Finance gives 5 good reasons not to build Hinkley nuclear station.  Lib Dem Leader Tim Farron Calls for Independent Investigation into Environmental Damage from Nuclear Industries. Britain’s nuclear plans: the Corbyn factorU.S. Nuclear Missile Submarine Surfaces in Scotland. Is UK’s ‘white elephant’ nuclear power programme linked to nuclear weapons programme?

USA. Nuclear Regulatory Commission might back quack pro nuclear ‘science’ on ionising radiation!  Entergy’s FitzPatrick Nuclear Reactor next to bite the dust? Resentencing of USA’s nun who broke into nuclear weapons complex. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s scathing attack on the Koch brothers and corporate greed  How Charles Koch Prevents Clean Energy Businesses From Succeeding. Last bid to kill Iran nuclear deal blocked in Senate.  Former Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann wants USA to bomb Iran.

NORWAY Norway, Russia sign deal on nuclear accidents.

SOUTH AFRICA  fires key nuclear negotiator

NORTH KOREA Experts guessing about meaning of North Korea’s renewed nuclear threat.

INDIA. India: Dumping of Radioactive Water Imperils Mumbai; 9 Nuclear Scientists “Commit Suicide”

IRAN. How world health will benefit from Iran nuclear deal.



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