Wrap up of latest nuclear and climate news

a-cat-CANSBS TV showed “The Sugar Conspiracy” on 6th Sept.  This documentary revealed the tactics of the International Sugar Association, in PR over decades, showing that fructose (sugar) does not cause dental decay, diabetes, obesity, heart disease. They convinced health authorities, governments, media, by spending $billions on propaganda that just shed doubton medical facts about fructose.

Familiar story?  the Tobacco corporations did the same thing – just shed doubt for decades, on the facts in cigarette smoking and lung cancer.  The Asbestos companies did it for decades about mesothelioma. The Fossil Fuel companies successfully shed doubt on the science about global warming.

The Sugar documentary just reminded me that all the Nuclear lobby needs to do, is to shed doubt on the science about ionising radiation. Just delay the truth – and keep on with the business!

Well – I digress, but I enjoyed it!


“Everything I was Dreaming of is Gone” — How Climate Change is Spurring a Global Refugee Crisis to Rapidly Worsen.

CSRP 2015 – The Fifth Citizen-Scientist International Symposium on Radiation Protection

International conferences in Hiroshima: call for disarmament measures is weakened by USA, Britain and Canada.

Nuclear lobby’s wishful thinking about Small Modular (SMR) and Generation IV reactors.

‘Climate Change Fix” chosen as 2015 theme by World Nuclear Association.


KAZAKHSTANs disaster of dead animals near Semipalatinsk Nuclear Test Site.

FRANCE heading towards a nuclear industry phaseout?

USA. Outrageous decision of USA’s Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to cancel research on cancer-nuclear links. Nuclear Regulatory Commission prevents hearing on Fermi nuclear plant. Nuclear Regulatory Commission scraps public rulemaking on weak GE containments. St Louis suburb anger about radioactive landfill. Washington State sues US Energy Dept over Hanford workers made sick by toxic fumes.

UK. EDF admits Hinkley Point Nuclear Station won’t be ready by 2023.

CHINA. Anxieties in China over the safety of the nation’s nuclear power programme.

ISRAEL. Nuclear whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu again under house arrest.  Vanunu discussed Israel’s nuclear program on primetime TV.

4 Responses to “Wrap up of latest nuclear and climate news”

  1. miningawareness Says:

    Wow! That wasn’t a digression. Your readers enjoyed it too! It’s so right. And, I’ve noticed the nuclear industry has people go onto Greenpeace blogs and criticize their anti-nuclear posts. They allow the comment to be posted and rarely respond and that also leaves a little seed of doubt in everyone’s mind. Even a few years ago, after the Haiti earthquake, Canada was trying to export asbestos. When it was being ripped out of public buildings in the US, McGill U. in Montreal had a researcher saying it was safe.

    • Christina MacPherson Says:

      As far as I know, Canada is still exporting asbestos, to go on thousands of home roofs in India.
      Just as Chinese kids are addicted cigarette smokers.
      Just as the “developing” countries are developing obesity. diabetes, and heart disease.
      Just as the coal, oil and gas is exported everywhere – never mind the greenhouse gases.

      The role of a multinational corporation is simply to bring in money for its shareholders. The human toll is irrelevant. That is our crazy culture.

      As a recovered Catholic, I can only cheer and commend Pope Francis, with his amazing aim to bring ETHICS back into fashion!

  2. Vital Cancer Study Canceled by the US Nuclear Reg Commission | Mining Awareness Plus Says:

    […] Thanks to Nuclear News Australia for the Heads Up on the Beyond Nuclear Press Release: https://nuclearnewsaustralia.wordpress.com/2015/09/11/wrap-up-of-latest-nuclear-and-climate-news/ […]

  3. miningawareness Says:

    US Sen. Huey Long Jan. 1935 (assassinated Sept. 1935):
    “Here are the words of Pope Pius in his encyclical letter of May 18,1932, which I, a Baptist, caused to be placed in the CONGRESSIONAL RECORD. Hear these words: From greed arises mutual distrust that casts a blight on all human dealings; from greed arises hateful envy which makes a man consider the advantages of another as losses to himself; from greed arises narrow individualism which orders and subordinates everything to its own advantage without taking account of others, on the contrary, cruelly trampling under foot all rights of others. Hence the disorder and inequality from which arises the accumulation of the wealth of nations in the hands of a small group of individuals who manipulate the market of the world at their own caprice, to the immense harm of the masses, as we showed last year in our encyclical letter.” http://www.ssa.gov/history/longsen.html

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