Latest nuclear news in lead-up to Paris Climate Conference

Emperor's New Clothes 3


a-cat-CANThree months until the Paris United Nations Climate Conference – November 30 to December 11

The cashed up nuclear lobby will be there promoting themselves as the world’s saviour from climate change, and pollution.

They will base this claim on 3 lies:

  1. that new nuclear power will solve the wastes problem
  2. that low dose ionising rdaiation is harmless, even healthy
  3. that nuclear power is essential to combat climate change

I would love it if people would join  in examining and exposing those 3 lies.

For September the focus is on Lie No. 1

I see that the Nuclear Information and Resource Center has already a website for this:

Much as I hate Facebook, I have started a Facebook Page: The more the merrier- perhaps.


Another area for study is – the Submissions to South Australia’s Nuclear Fuel Chain Royal Commission. As I plough through these at I find many excellent submissions for the public good.   I would be grateful to anyone who sends me a good extract from one of these. I publish selected extracts from the good ones on . For example – today’s –ADELAIDE HILLS CLIMATE ACTION GROUP  unanimously opposes all nuclear industries.

Nuclear wastes: Importing nuclear waste is illegal in Australia. The Lucas Heights returning waste is an exception, due to legal obligations of the contracts with UK, France and Argentina.  Abbott govt soon to give shortlist of sites for Lucas Heights nuclear waste dump. What’s the betting that it will be South Australia, as the nuclear lobby regards it as a foot in the door for making that State the world’s radioactive toilet?

Western Australian Labor holds firm to nuclear-free policies. Australian uranium company Paladin mothballinguneconomic project in Labrador, Canada. Rosatom now selling uneconomic Honeymoon uranium project in South Australia.


Red Cross Red Crescent call for binding international agreement on nuclear disarmament.

OCEAN. Ken Buesseler, Jay Cullen, lead independent research into radiation in the Pacific Ocean

JAPAN   Ex-Fukushima No. 1 worker sues Tepco over cancer.  Despite Sendai restart, the outlook for Japan’s nuclear industry is poor. Miyagi residents physically block officials from surveying proposed nuke waste dump sites. Tochigi town residents rally against selection as candidate site for final disposal of radiation-tainted waste. How nuclear-free Japan made it through hottest summer yet without brownouts.


USA. Key Democrat votes now ensure success in the Iran nuclear deal. USA’s Nuclear Regulatory Commission ignores Recommendation on Plans to Address a Core-Melt Accident.  Radiation testing by govt in 4 Bay area cities in USA, by low flying drones. A splurge of spin for NuScale’s Small Modular Nuclear Reactors. USA’s super costly new bomb could ignite anew arms race. Significant levels of thorium 230, a radioactive isotope found in USA residential area. USA’s Department of Energy finds that Disposal of plutonium – burial is cheaper than MOX processing.

GERMANY. German govt to change nuclear liability law – to make utilities pay up for nuclear exit costs.

UKRAINE. Ukraine’s Neo Nazi unit The Azov Battalion is training child soldiers, and getting USA funding.

S KOREA. Radioactive trash mounting in South Korea, with no solution in sight.

S AFRICA. Exposed: confidential agreement gives Russia unfair control over South Africa’s #nuclear project.

UK. UK govt pre-empts Parliament on more money for Trident nuclear weapons. Yet more delay for New Hinkley Point nuclear power station. UK under pressure to buy nuclear reactors – from GE/Hitachi, Westinghouse/Toshiba and Areva/Mitsubishi.


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