“New Nuclear ” Lobby Setting up Australia as Guinea Pig for its experimental reactors

Australia guinea pig

To resuscitate the nuclear industry, its lobbyists must convince the world that they have the solution –  to turn radioactive trash into a “valuable resource” – by the new magic “waste eating” Generation IV nuclear reactors.

But those reactors don’t exist. They might be dangerous.  They’re astronomically expensive. They will be a terrorist target. And they themselves still leave a smaller amount of highly toxic, long lasting radioactive trash. And that trash is so highly toxic that it requires a large storage space.

But what if – what if – the nuclear industry  could convince a far away country that it could make $squillions byimporting radioactive trash?

And gee whiz – the nuclear industry would pay up front to set up the new gimmicks (Australia could pay them back later for these).

Australia could be the salvation  – of the world’s most toxic, dangerous, and unaffordable industry! Bingo!


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