Nuclear News Australia – Aug 21 -27


a-cat-CANAll appears to have gone quiet, on nuclear matters. This is not really the case. Nuclear lobbyists continue to work quietly on the very receptive Australian government, and the South Australian Nuclear Fuel Chain Commission  (RC)  publishes their submissions, except, of course, for those that are “commercially sensitive”.

I’d love to know if the Canadian company SNC Lavalin put one in. They make the CANDU nuclear reactor – the one that the Commission was so interested in when it visited Toronto on July 14th. The same company that’s responsible for Canada’s top position in  World Bank’s most corrupt countries.

To be fair, the RC is also publishing many fine submissions that are written for the public good, as well as all those from vested interests. You can read significant sections of some these at  Submissions to Royal Commission. (I can’t quite keep up with all, at the moment)

On the media front there’s Dr Derek Muller, known for his Youtube shows that confuse and minimise the risks of ionising radiation, with bananas as examples. . The SBS documentary “Uranium – Twisting the Dragon’s Tail” was superbly produced and very entertaining. The first two episodes were terrific. Episode 3 moved into shill territory, and became a sophisticated plug for the nuclear industry.

How badly we need science writers who are motivated by concern for the public good, rather than for the benefit of corporations with deep pockets for employing media!

Lucas Heights (terrorism target) gets security upgrades.  BHP wants to remove Federal and State laws on uranium mining.  Radioactive Waste: Information for communities.

CLIMATE CHANGEAustralia’s bushfire and flood danger, as climate change accelerates. Canning voters are urged to reject Liberals’ war on solar energy.  Citigroup analysis finds that renewable energy IS cheaper than fossil fuel energy. Climate expert Connie Hedegaard in Australia to discuss Paris talks. Uterne 4.1MW solar expansion complete, ready to power Alice Springs.


CLIMATE.  Mass climate action is needed as world readies for December Paris conference.  Forest fires out of control around Lake Baikal in Siberia. Drought-Fueled Wildfires Burn 7 Million Acres in U.S.

UK‘s Hinkley Point C nuclear station is now officially mothballed. Protest by 3 middle aged women costs nuclear firm €1million.

USA. Leaked review tells of ‘Significant Design Vulnerabilities’ at Hanford radioactive trash site.  Disposal of nuclear waste turning out to be half the cost of reprocessing with MOX fuel.  Escalating costs, expanding timelines, cast doubt on the future of modular nuclear construction.  Lockheed Martin used government nuclear money to lobby for more government nuclear money. St Louis suburb contaminated by radioactive thorium. New measures to promote rooftop solar, by President Obama.

JAPAN.  The Japanese Scientists’ Association joins strong public opinion against nuclear power. Sendai nuclear plant operator set to plug leaks in 5 cooling system pipes. Tepco bid to restart Kashiwazaki-Kariwa nuclear plant stymied by governor.


TAIWAN. Taipei prosecutors lose legal case against anti nuclear protestors.


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