Final episode of SBS Uranium Documentary – PR for the nuclear industry

Dennis Matthews, 24 Aug 15 Watched the final episode tonight. The Canadian-Australian physicist comes up with the inevitable physicists conclusion, we need nuclear energy. This program takes the cake for outright sneekiness. After looking at the aftermath of Chernobyl and Fukushima any normal person would have no alternative but to conclude that nuclear is a non-starter.

Along the way, the physicist-turned-journalist contradicts himself when he acknowledges that in cases of (ionising) radiation it is difficult to make a connection between cause and effect and that (like asbestos) the deaths may come many years after the event, yet a few minutes later he definitively claims that no one was killed by (ionising) radiation at Fukushima. This is straight out of the nuclear industry handbook.

He also interviewed a pro-nuclear medical researcher who was allowed to state unchallenged that low doses of (ionising) radiation MAY be good for you and that the human species has adapted to background ionising radiation. Given that we have, at the moment, no way of distinguishing many cancers and birth defects caused by ionising radiation from those caused by other agents (e.g., chemical) then these are outrageous statements and do no credit either to the medical researcher or to the scientific credentials of the journalist.

All-in-all a fairly crude attempt to sway public opinion. Given its timing I would have to conclude that this is another piece of pro-nuclear propaganda timed for the Scarce debacle.

Dennis Matthews


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