This week’s nuclear and climate news

a-cat-CANSOUTH AUSTRALIA. Let’s not forget that the purpose of the Nuclear Fuel Chain Royal Commission is to have South Australia become the world’s nuclear toilet. For that reason, the most important submissions are those concerning Issues Paper 4 – Management, Storage and Disposal of Wastes.

Many submissions newly  published. I’m not able to keep up. I single out an outstanding, powerful submission from Josephite SA Reconciliation Circle.   A top Submission on Nuclear Waste Importing for South Australia comes from NGOPPON TOGETHER INCAnd there’s Claire Catt’s fine Submission.

South Australian government warned on the illegality of using public money to encourage nuclear industry.

Ambivalence in Port Adelaide Enfield Council about trucking radioactive trash. Nuclear stooge MP Rowan Ramseytouting radioactive trash dump for his electorate.

FEDERAL POLITICS.  Family First  (!!) Senator Bob Day not able to dismantle Australia’s law against establishing nuclear facilities . He tried. Abbott’s plan to change environmental law puts Great Barrier Reef at risk.  Farm organisations angry at Abbott plan to restrict legal action against resource projects. Very little use made of “third-party appeal rights” in Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act.

ABORIGINAL ISSUES. A beautiful article by Jeff McMullen on Aboriginal custodianship of Australia

RENEWABLE ENERGY . Huge solar panel array for Canberra Hospital’s roof.  Sunshine Coast solar farm to start building before Christmas. Australian.  Victorian government to back new wind farms as part of renewables plan Electric Vehicle Association launched in Tasmania.



WORLD.   Ionising radiation:

Iran nuclear agreement is endorsed by Nuclear Nonproliferation Experts. Over 300 US rabbis urge Congress to support Iran nuclear deal. Obama can still do the Iran nuclear deal, despite Congress opposition. Iran has compliedon key condition of the nuclear deal – submitting documents to IAEA.

CLIMATE CHANGE. Islamic leaders call on the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims to embrace climate change action. Dangerous Heat Sets Sights on Southern United States.

CHINA. Tianjin explosion highlights need to prioritise environment over economic growth. China censors Internet on Tianjin explosion news. France worried that China’s hasty nuclear power programme is unsafe.

JAPAN. Japanese environment groups protest against Restart of Sendai Nuclear Power.  Volcano alert issued just miles from newly reopened nuclear reactor.  Japan nuclear utility says no special precautions over volcano.  Utilities spent ¥1.4 trillion last year to maintain idled reactors. Japan’s Plutonium Problem.

FukushimaExtra high radiation level in atmosphere above Melted slag storage facility of Fukushima sewage plant. Fukushima operator’s mounting legal woesEarthquake M5.0 offshore of Fukushima prefecture.

USA.  Momentum growing in campaign to shut down Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant. Questions on safety, and silencing of critics – HUMBOLDT BAY POWER PLANT.  America feared that Israel would deploy nuclear weapons.

UKBristol Nuclear Protestors Fined...instead…shouldn’t they be awarded Medals?!

CANADA ‘s radioactive trash dump plan, all too close to USA border.  Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission called upon to disclose study on nuclear disaster.

SOUTH AFRICA. African National Congress calls for transparency on nuclear tender process.

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. Tax-payer money going to nuclear related companies in UAE.

NORTH KOREA. Concern over North Korea’s uranium enrichment.

NORWAY‘s dangerous plan to dump nuclear trash on island


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