It’s not so hard to do Submission to #NuclearCommissionSAust: guidance here

Guidance on the Submission Process -see here 

Points for issues papers:

Inaccurate information in Issues Paper 1 Exploration, Extraction and Milling

Points for Submission Issues Paper 2 Further Processing and Manufacture

Points for Submission Issues Paper 3 Electricity Generation

Points for Submission to Issues Paper 4 Management, Storage and Disposal of Waste

Dr Caldicott’s Submission on all 4 Issues Papers 

Dennis Matthew’s critiques of Issues Papers

  1. First Nuclear Royal Commission Issues paper 1  indicates an expensive farce
  2. Dennis Matthews exposes South Australia Royal Commission “Issues Paper 2″ spin
  3. Crystal ball-gazing in South Australia’s Nuclear Commission ISSUES PAPER No. 3
  4. South Australia Nuclear Royal Commission Issues Paper 4 – misleading and serious omissions

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