This week in nuclear and climate news


SOUTH AUSTRALIA’S NUCLEAR FUEL CHAIN ROYAL COMMISSION Still time to send in Submissions to the Royal Commission. despite its Just About Impossible Submission Process. Helpful information is available at my . Submission Points to Issues Paper 4  (Storage and Disposal of Waste). I think that this is the important one, as the goal of the Commission is to get Australia to import radioactive trash.

 South Australia’s Premier Jay Weatherill embraces nuclear lobby, in desperate bid to stay in power. Nuclear Royal Commission a promotional exercise for Nuclear Industry vested interests, targeting rural South AustraliaInaccuraciesin Royal Commission’s Issues paper.

South Australian government says wind and solar power are sources of jobs. Concentrated Solar Power pre-feasibility study now being finalised at Port Augusta.

Friends of the Earth launch Adelaide’s Campaign Against Nuclear Expansion

FEDERAL POLITICS: Australia’s Government welcomes Iran nuclear deal (Video and Audio). But Tony Abbott is two-faced on a nuclear-free Middle East

Labor pro nuclear heavies will keep pushing to overturn Labor’s anti nuclear policy. But they will keep mum at the ALP Conference this weekend, and will not oppose a motion to keep Labor’s anti nuclear policy. Behind the scenes, they’e working with the  global nuclear industry, and with South Australia’s Nuclear Royal Commission. They’re relying on the nuclear lobby’s new religious faith – the global Nuclear For Climate Declaration (aimed at  to getting government funding for nuclear as the solution to global warming.)

Labor Leader Bill Shorten to announce 50% renewable energy target at Labor conference. But Australian Labor Party needs a credible plan for climate change action.

Industry under attack, as Tony Abbott hacks into Clean Energy Finance Corporation. Clean Energy Finance Corporation may be able to take legal action against Abbott government. More reactions by Australian States to Tony Abbott’s latest onslaught against wind and solar energy


Northern Territory: Mirrar people call on Abbott government to secure Kakadu National Park from further uranium mining.

Western Australia’s Barnett government moving Aborigines off their land to benefit miners.    Esperance to be sacrificed for the profits of the uranium industry?

Australia’s shame. Cardinal Pell criticising Pope Francis over Climate Change policy.



nuclear-news site theme for July is The use of words to trivialise the Fukushima nuclear catastrophe   Nuclear lobbyanxious about its image – trying to “engender optimism” about the industry.

Nuclear agreement finally reached between Iran and world powers A win for non-proliferation – the Iran nuclear deal. It has become international law. USA’s reputation at stake, if Congress votes against Iran nuclear deal.

 JAPANJapanese nuclear scandals. Toshiba faked financial reports. Earthquake faults found under Shika nuclear facility. Despite pressing need, Japan continues to grope for nuclear waste site


UK‘s plan for Hinkley C nuclear power station runs into more and more trouble

CANADA: The Cree Nation backs the report advising against uranium mining in Northern Quebec     Legal action planned against Canada’s plan for radioactive trash dump near Lake Huron.

USA. 21 years after shutdown, USA’s  Breeder Nuclear Reactor-II (EBR-II) is entombed

Jamaica passes Bill to regulate ionising radiation, prohibit building of nuclear reactor.

Secretive South Africa hides costs of nuclear build programme



Global investment is going to renewables: much less is going to nuclear power


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