Nuclear news this week – Australian and International


Sorry, folks,  to harp on the Nuclear Royal Commission.  It’s not arousing any interest in Australia as a whole. I find that extraordinary. No country in the world has invited nuclear waste dumping, yet here, South Australia (world renewable energy champion!) is doing just that!  It’s getting close to deadline for putting in submissions  about this.

I derive some weird comfort from my realisation that this really mightn’t  matter. The outcome of this shonky Commission is a foregone conclusion. It’s stacked with pro nuclear “experts” : prominent ones, like the chief, Kevin Scarce, (with his shares in Rio Tinto)  have a conflict of interest. Best of all, they’ve made the Submission process so damned difficultthat only the likes of AREVA and Canada’s very shonky SNC-Lavalin company are sure to get their submissions received and read.

Formidable Aboriginal anti nuclear warrior Kevin Buzzacott leads Aboriginal elders and university students in a tent community at Flinders University in Adelaide in protest against plans for a nuclear waste dump, in South Australia or anywhere else. Traditional owners are building a campaign against any expansion of the uranium/nuclear industry

Submissions called for Inquiry into Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Amendment Bill 2015

BHP (big uranium miner) wants to be represented at climate talks in Paris. Altruism? I don’t think so! The big nuclear companies are campaigning to have nuclear power pronounced as a climate action solution.

Radioactive Exposure Tour highlights the decline of the uranium /nuclear industry. The end of the line for uranium company Energy Resources of Australia. Taxpayers likely to cop the costs of Ranger uranium clean-up. if ERA goes bankrupt.

Uranium investing –  some stocks bad, others worse

Climate change. Government’s Agriculture White Paper  comes out – with lack of vision on climate change. Aboriginal landowners reject coal giant Adani

Renewable energy. Tasmania’s Energy Minister hails wind farms, disagrees with Tony Abbott. New wave power technology set to boost economy in Port Fairy, Victoria. @Rottoturbine hits back at Abbott. Local community fundsRepower Shoalhaven renewable energy investment scheme.


WORDS. on the theme the power of words – here are a few news items: New names for nuclear weapons – covering up the $billions spent on them. Russia’s nuclear industry to “educate” South Africans. Book “Atomic Comics” shows corporate influence, glossing over nuclear dangersMainstream media is complicit in cover-up of effects of Fukushima radiation.

WORLD. Ionising Radiation & Risk of Death from Leukaemia & Lymphoma in Radiation-Monitored Workers (INWORKS): an International Cohort Study

NIGERIA‘ s Akwa Ibom State Leaders Caucus says NO to nuclear power.

FRANCE: Grim future for France’s nuclear companies AREVA and EDF. When France shuts its nuclear reactors, it will be left with a monumental radioactive trash problem.

UK. Game Over for UK’s Hinkley Point Nuclear power project? Hinkley Point nuclear project could be delayed by years, due to Austrian legal action. Revelations on the dirty work given to Windscale nuclear cleanup workers – and at Hanford.

UKRAINE. Increased ionising radiation in Chernobyl area, following wildfires.

MARSHALL ISLANDSNuclear Waste Tomb in Marshall Islands – becoming more dangerous because of climate change

JAPAN.  Fukushima

SOUTH AFRICA. Investigation at last into radioactive pollution of Johannesburg, from uranium mining.

FINLAND. Russia’s Rosatom behind the funding for Finland’s Fennovoima nuclear project.

USA. NASA cancelling solar space missions, favouring plutonium fuelled space flights !  A losing bet – Bill Gates’ gamble on nuclear power. USA’s faith groups unite in push for clean energy. Why the nuclear industry keen to save US government’s Export-Import Bank.

CANADA.  Canada’s last shipment of weapons grade uranium. Medical radioisotopes to be made in cyclotron, not nuclear reactor. Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries (OCI) to work with Romania to market nuclear reactors.

RUSSIA. Russia trying to sell nuclear reactors to Europe, but financing them is a snag


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