The past week in nuclear and climate news

a-cat-CANIt is hard to resist the temptation to just laugh at Australia’s pathetic politics. I have to keep reminding myself that people laughed at Hitler –  but that did not stop him.

Still – we do need to see the lighter side from time to time – if only to keep our spirits up.

So – our revered Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, (already the laughing stock of the world, anyway) has given Australians plenty to chuckle about, in this past week.  My favourite is that he’s establishing a Wind Farm Commissioner– to investigate all those diseases caused by wind turbines – all none of them! As  Sydney University’s Professor Simon Chapman put it – “This will be a world first commissioner for a non-disease. It’s like having a commissioner into reports of leprechauns”.

To get his legislation through the Senate, Abbott will need to make deals with extreme right-wing maverick politicians.Senators John Madigan, David Leyonhjelm, Bob Day, and my favourite – Jacqui Lambie. They want things like stopping concern about climate change, stopping nasty  wind power, getting nice nuclear power, and more nice guns. As Senator Lambie put it “We have got to become world leaders in nuclear.  You are dangerously deluded … and you should be locked up, for helping enemies destroy our nation – if you think that wind energy will solve problems”

In  more positive news:


CLIMATE.    Global campaign to ban nuclear from the Paris climate talks. Pope Francis encyclical on the environment: 10 key excerpts. Climate change and justice: Pope Francis connects these causes, in lead-up to Paris conference

GREENS becoming a global force – The Asia Pacific Greens congress.

ENERGY. By 2030 renewables will have overtaken coal and nuclear power- IEA report

It’s wearing thin: the pretense that the uranium market is healthy

EUROPE. 25 EU countries on track to meet their interim renewable energy targets.  

CHINA Gangwon Province strongly opposes nuclear power

JAPAN- no idea what to do with its nuclear trash now stored in France. Appeal filed for compensation for 7,000 Tochigi residents affected by Fukushima nuclear disaster

Fukushima. The Chernobyl and Fukushima Research Initiative report – no evidence for complacency. Warning onbuildup of radioactive materials in Pacific ocean food chain – salmon, tuna and other species.


INDIA‘s new nuclear insurance pool will not cover its research reactors


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