International and Australian news this week


Good news for Australia’s environment, and for the Mirrar people of the Northern Territory.  Energy Resources of Australia has finally pulled the plug on its uranium mining activities  in Kakadu National Park. Of course it is financial unviability that forced this decision. And Rio Tinto the “parent company” is not  a bit happy that it will probably have to fork out $millions to rehabilitate the site.

Much credit has to go to the Mirrar people for their continued monitoring of this project. And to the heroic Jeffrey Lee, who donated his land to Kakadu so that it would not be mined for uranium by AREVA.

But how long can white Australia expect the Aborigines to carry the fight against this toxic nuclear industry threatening Australia?

Comical moment for the South Australian Nuclear Fool Chain Royal Commission. Exactly on the day that the Commission arrived in France for extensive talks and tours of AREVA’s advanced nuclear technology – came the French government’s action – splitting up AREVA, effectively killing it off as a nuclear power giant – due to its utterly disastrous financial state.     Funny it it weren’t serious – how South Australia’s greedy nuclear enthusiasts are ready to suck up to international nuclear business incompetents!

Good prospects on the renewable energy scene – Victoria making it easier to develop wind power .Yackandandah goes for 100% renewables – South Australia’s chance to replace coal with renewables. Queensland’s Millmerran solar farm to go ahead – biggest in Australia?  Bundaberg – Queensland’s solar capital.

Tony Abbott. My God, that man is an embarrassment to Australia! Even Environment Minister  Greg Hunt sees the writing on the wall  – in Abbott’s daft policies on climate.

Trans Pacific Partnership
would give corporations, including nuclear ones, power over government laws. Wikileaks reveals another corporate friendly global trade plan – Trade in Services Agreement (TISA)

Renewable Energy. Nuclear power production beaten by renewable energy in 2014 and beyond.  Renewable energy looking good for institutional investorsSunshine and seawater to power farms in the desert.

Nuclear fusion: US Congress debating this   a wasteful boondoggle?

Nuclear propaganda. Especially on social media, nuclear and thorium power trolls are ramping up their attacks on critics of nuclear power.

FRANCE: As the world’s poster child for nuclear power,this country is suffering great embarrassment as its government struggles to save the almost bankrupt nuclear giant AREVA. Just saved, for the moment, AREVA is broken up in a messy merger with EDF – which is also struggling financially. Risk of nuclear meltdown due to faulty valves in AREVA’s new-generation EPR reactor.

UK: I loved this news item – definitely my favourite for the week! –  Desperate for public support, UK govt plans to make nuclear reactors look pretty!. High levels of breast cancer near UK nuclear power stations.

JAPAN: Fukushima: High radiation levels mean long delays in removing spent nuclear fuel from Fukushima’s stricken reactors. Contaminated waste water in Fukushima: the unending horror. Fukushima Businesses Compensation Payments Terminated, Youth Unwilling to Return. in Fukushima Prefecture, Japan’s govt to nationalise private sitefor nuclear waste dump. Gov’t Officials: Fukushima should be declared uninhabitable.

CANADA: Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency’s ruling on radioactive waste dump delayed till December – after the federal election, of course.

HUNGARY: European Commission will rule in October on possible illegality of State aid for nuclear expansion. Economically unwise decision for Hungary to buy nuclear reactors from Russia.

SOUTH KOREA: Government advisory panel recommends shutdown of South Korea’s oldest nuclear reactor. South Korea running out of space for spent nuclear fuel.

AUSTRALIA: South Australia’s Nuclear Fool Chain Royal Commission sure picked the wrong time to be seen in bed with AREVA.



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