Pro nuclear trolls working harder than ever to try to silence critics of nuclear power

nuclear-lobby-&-critcsPro Nuke Trolls Are Now Out In Force, Theirs Tactics Are Adapting and Becoming More Deceitful and Intolerant  We have been running a troll study.    The results will be interesting ……….
Also, I put the list of 15 Tactics at the bottom, and a summary here
1) Start a partisian divide and conquer.   Get people fighting, rile everyone up, play the race or religion cards or both.    Trying to create defensive posture, especially whilst confusing with odd sentence structure or just discordant comments.
2) Pretend that it is hopeless.   You will be crushed by the corporate juggernaut, you will never get past “whining to the choir”, your efforts have been worthless.
3) Demand complete fool proof, guaranteed solution and citation, all from peer reviewed science.
4) Suggest extreme over the top “solutions”, discredit the community by being too far “out there”
5) Pretend that alternative media is automatically wrong out of the gate.    Discredit any blog as a “personal website”, pretend they are doing it for pay, or just for “clicks”
6) “Shout Down” reasonable comments, an avalanche of comments and attacks.
7) Use an Army of sock puppets.    Troll will drop an attack, get a response, and then a different troll will respond, thus not giving credibility to the response of the person attacked.
8) Censor Social Media so the hardest hitting information is buried.   Multiple rapid fire responses, capping, or front running with a blast of drivel or a very long post.
9) When the consipracy becomes true, pretend that it could never have been foreseen, it was not a credible probably that’s why it wasn’t considered.
10) Protect the corporate goal by labeling detractors as conspiracy theorists, or nuts, or hippies
11) Become incredulously, indignant, or throw a hissy fit.   This is exactly what sociopaths do when you start to back them into a corner.
12) Use a Straw Man, a false position that can easily be knocked down.   Have a team troll post up a seemingly genuine argument with weaknesses easy to attack.
13) Hit and Run.    Make a brief attack and then don’t respond, better yet, show up as another sock and make a complementary attack.
14) Question motives. Twist words and then imply bias or profit motive, put them on the defensive.
15) Associate opponent charges with “old news”, pretend the issue is already settled….

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