Australia’s Prime Minister Abbott quite open about his aim to stop renewable energy development

‘Noisy compared to what?’: Tony Abbott’s claim wind farms awful and noisy dismissed, Abbott-destroys-renewablesThe Age June 11, 2015  National political reporter Prime Minister Tony Abbott has described wind farms as “visually awful” and boasted slashing the Renewable Energy Target will restrict growth in the industry.

Mr Abbott also said the Howard government would never have introduced the clean energy policy if it had its time over again.

In a wide-ranging interview on Sydney radio station 2GB, Mr Abbott said he was prevented by the Senate in his desire to further cut the growth of new wind farms. Mr Abbott made the remarks after the conservative broadcaster Alan Jones asked why the government had agreed to subsidise wind farms when residents living near them claim to suffer health problems.

Victorian cattle farmer Hamish Officer lives a good deal closer to wind turbines than most people.”You don’t need to lift your voice to have a conversation under a wind turbine nearly as much as you would in a city street,” Mr Officer said.

“For someone like the Prime Minister to stand there and say they’re noisy – it’s a very blanket statement. Noisy compared to what?”

 Mr Officer’s property between Hawkesdale and Macarthur hosts the southern hemisphere’s largest wind farm: AGL’s Macarthur wind farm. Beef cattle run between the 140 turbines spread across 5,500 hectares of farming land in western Victoria……..

Mr Abbott told broadcaster Alan Jones: “I do take your point about the potential health impact of these things. When I’ve been up close to these windfarms, not only are they visually awful but they make a lot of noise.”

He said the government’s deal to scale back Australia’s renewable energy target was designed to reduce the number of turbines in Australia, contradicting numerous government statements that it was due to concern about power prices.

The Australian Wind Alliance said Mr Abbott had exposed the government’s true intentions on the renewable energy target.

The Prime Minister told Alan Jones, “What we did recently in the Senate was reduce, Alan, reduce, capital R-E-D-U-C-E the number of these things that we are going to get in the future.

“We got the best deal we could out of the Senate and if we hadn’t had a deal, Alan, we would have been stuck with even more of these things.”

The Prime Minister’s office said Mr Abbott had visited a wind farm, but could not say which one. ………


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