Royal Commission’s farcical visit to AREVA and EPR’s failed nuclear projects

It would be funny if it were not so serious. Australians hear little about this secretive Royal Commission. But France’s failed nuclear giant AREVA was invited to put in  a submission to the Commission.

The SA Royal Commissioner and some support staff will be in Paris this weekend – at the end of a week that saw the French government confirm that they will take apart the nuclear ‘global leader’  AREVA and give some failed pieces to EDF, which subsequently fell by over 6% on the stock market – let’s hope they read the papers.


  • Visit to Olkiluoto Nuclear Power Plant.
  • Visit to Olkiluoto 3 Project – explanation of process for establishment and design of Olkiluoto 3 nuclear reactor project and tour of site. Tour of Olkiluoto intermediate and low level disposal facility (VLJ facility).


  • Visit to AREVA Tricastin, France.
  • Explanation of AREVA’s conversion plant and the development of the project; Tour of conversion plant construction site; Explanation of AREVA’s Georges Besse II operating enrichment plant; Tour of GB II enrichment plant facilities.
  • Visit to AREVA Melox, France.
  • Explanation of AREVA’s operating mixed oxide fuel fabrication plant and the use of mixed oxide fuels; Tour of mixed oxide fuel fabrication facilities.



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