The week that was, in nuclear and climate news


South Australia’s Nuclear Fuel Chain Royal Commission. Australia’s top nuclear commentator Jim Green summarises the themes involved in the Commission.  Vague and confusing Issues Paper No 3 released – ELECTRICITY GENERATION FROM NUCLEAR FUELS. 

Nuclear wastes. Iron ore miner and Councillor in Western Australia apply to host  low level nuclear waste facility Community opposition to a national radioactive waste dump in Western Australia. Morawa Shire not happyabout Gindalbie Metals nuclear dump proposal, and no right to veto. Australia IS obligated to take back wastesoriginating from Lucas Heights nuclear reactor

American military buildup  in Australia

Politics. Greg Hunt, Australia’s Environment Minister makes moves towards removing the tax exempt status of donations to environment groups , with a Committee to inquire into and report on the Register of Environmental Organisations. Submissions addressing the Committee’s terms of reference are due by by 21 May 2015 

Aboriginal Land Councils distrust Northern Territory Government, reject it for running Indigenous outstation services. Uranium mining companies are selectively buying off Indigenous people

Australia’s uranium companies overseas. World Bank warns Malawi not to re-open Paladin Australia’s uneconomic uranium mine. In Greenland , environmental groups oppose Australian uranium/rare earths mining project.

Renewable energy. Labor and business groups say No to reviews of Renewable Energy Target. Queensland government pledges 50% renewable energy by 2030. Victoria wants its own renewable energy target, in light of Abbott govt’s anti climate policies.   Australia has the most affordable solar systems in the developed world.Electricity utility Origin launches solar energy leasing programme. We need a proper judicial investigation of wind farm danger claims.

Climate change. As CSIRO and Bureau of Meteorology warn on extreme weather, Federal Budget ignores climate change. University of Western Australia praised for ditching Bjorn Lomborg Consensus Centre. Climate Council exposes Bjorn Lomborg’s climate fallacies. Sea level rise a serious consideration for Mid North Coast councils.


Nuclear Non Proliferation Talks continue, amidst accelerating weapons race.

Nuclear power industry. Paris Climate Talks will be the focus of the global nuclear lobby’s strategyNo new Generation IV Nuclear designs will be ready for build before 2050

Japan: Expert panel says 3 faults beneath Shika nuclear power plant may be active. Opponents of nuclear waste sitehold symposium to counter gov’t forum on same day. Taiwan is banning import of all foodstuffs from Japan. North East Japan rocked by M6.8 earthquake.

Fukushima10,000 lawsuits against TEPCO, operator of Fukushima nuclear power plant. High radiation doses in 991 Fukushima Daiichi workers.

Iran. Gulf leaders support nuclear deal with Iran.

France‘s nuclear safety worries as fires break out close to 3 nuclear power plants. AREVA’s nuclear options narrowin attempt to save the company

USA. Alarm in New York following explosion at Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant. Anti nuclear activists Sister Megan Rice, Michael Walli, and Greg Boertje-Obed still in prison with no sentence at all. Weapons proliferation and other risks inUSA’s marketing of nuclear technology to China. Elizabeth Warren makes a compelling case against the Trans-Pacific Partnership

UK. Safety limits relaxed at Sellafield nuclear facility.

Ukraine. Serious concerns over the safety of Ukraine’s nuclear waste storage.

Cyprus, Greek and Turkish groups unite to stop Turkish nuclear plant

Uranium. Things look crook for the uranium market – no respite in sight. Canadian review board knocks back Areva’s planned uranium mine as uneconomic.

Renewable energy. I can’t actually cope with keeping up on this. From now on – I’ll just put headlines  brief notes on my website.


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