What do you do to stop action on Climate Change? You go for CONSENSUS

It sounds so good – so democratic and lovely – doesn’t it – CONSENSUS -?

In many circumstances, consensus IS good. However in science, it is not necessarily so.

What about medicine?  If you are diagnosed with a particular disease – you might ask for a second, even third,  medical opinion – but would you delay treatment until the whole of the general community agreed on diagnosis and treatment?   If you did, you might well be dead before such agreement is reached.

All reputable scientific bodies world-wide accept that human-caused climate change is under way, and that action should be taken to limit this, and adapt to this threat to life on Earth. Surely it is prudent to heed their message?

But I am being churlish. For a long time, I have thought that the Earth is flat. I believe that I have the right to a University place on this – at least to have a Consensus Centre on this. I demand an equal hearing with the advocates of a spherical Earth.

sea level flat earth


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