Headlines: Australian and International Nuclear and Climate News


Nuclear waste dump Govt secretive about 4 sites volunteered in South Australia for nuclear waste storage. Beyond Nuclear Initiative (BNI) calls for Australian government transparency on nuclear waste site nominations.  Australian Labor Party to roll over on nuclear policy and become indistinguishable from Liberal

Australia at the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference 2015 – embarrassing disarmament double-speak 

South Australia’s Nuclear Chain Royal Commission released all 4 Issues Papers 

  1. First Nuclear Royal Commission Issues Paper indicates an expensive farce  
  2. Dennis Matthews exposes South Australia Royal Commission “Issues Paper 2″ spin   
  3.   Issues Paper 4 misleading and serious omissions
  4. Critique of Issues Paper 3 is being developed

Even the pro Nuclear Royal Commission admits the threat of the nuclear industry to precious groundwater

Climate changeAbbott advisor Maurice Newman has embarrassed even our climate sceptic government, byinsulting Christiana Figueres, the executive secretary of the UN’s Framework on Climate Change. Figueres laughs it off.   Public and academic outcry force Uni of Western Australia to ditch Bjorn Lomborg centre. But Australia’s Education Minister Pyne seeks new home for this climate sceptic centre.  Environment Minister Greg Hunt’s hype about“Direct Action” doesn’t ring true

Politics. Magnificent Greens warrior leader Christine Milne resigns – graciously, as Bob Brown did before her. I’m sure that she will continue to be an effective voice for climate action. Richard Di Natale takes over, to continue the Greens political campaign for the health of Australians and their environment. Federal budget due on May 12. We can expectgenerous handouts to the big polluters. Minerals Council pushes for overturning of Australia’s environmental laws

Renewable Energy.  Abbott govt cutback to Renewable Energy Target (RET) will send solar industry backwards, cost 1000s of jobs, and freeze investment.  inclusion of native wood burning – to further wreck the RET.  Still – there are positive decvelopments:

Aboriginal land. Thousands rally across Australia against closure of Indigenous communitiesUnited Nations forum supports Kimberley Land Council’s plea to save Aboriginal communities from closure.



World.  Conference The Nuclear Non Proliferation has weaknesses, but it’s all that we’ve got.  At Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) Austria calls for ban on nuclear weapons.  Generation IV Nuclear Reactors no better than the current ones.    Astronauts at risk from brain damage due to ionising radiation.   Tesla renewable energy storage battery may well have killed nuclear power.

Canada. Canada’s Nuclear Regulator in reality a promoter of the industry. Ontario Power Generation waste dump plan does not have the necessary approval of area First Nations.  Plan for waste dump could threaten safety of Great Lakes – say US critics. Lake Huron is NOT the answer to Canada’s nuclear waste problem- Dr. Benishek

France. AREVA’s woes heralding a slippery global slope for the nuclear industry? 6,000 employees of failing nuclear giant AREVA are to lose their jobs.  Areva’s nuclear fuel reprocessing plant in La Hague in crisis- shunned by clients.

USA. America’s nuclear non-proliferation policy is a disaster.  US Senate passes Bill to give Congress a stake in nuclear deal with Iran.  Court clears anti nuclear nun of sabotage conviction. USA spending $60 Mln on Multilateral Nuclear Environmental Program in Russia (MNEPR). USA backing Saudi Arabia’s push for ballistic missile defense system and bunker buster bombs. Neuropathy in Navajo children almost certainly caused by uranium mining pollution. Nuclear industry embarks on a public advertising campaign.

Russia has been reducing its nuclear armaments, complying with NPT. Corruption in Russia’s nuclear industry

JapanJapan’s earthquake risk to nuclear reactors is being ignored, says seismic expert. Like the canary in a coalmine, birds tell real story of Fukushima.  Prime Minister Shinzo Abe muzzling critics in Japan’s media.  Despite the USA’s nuclear lobby – solar power is winning in Japan.

Ukraine. Forest fires threatening Chernobyl nuclear plant. Chernobyl nuclear plant remains a high danger, withinstability in Ukraine.

India.  Government action may force Greenpeace to close there

Taiwan. As Taiwan’s radioactive trash accumulates, opposition grows to the export of nuclear waste.

Sweden.  accelerates its closure of its uneconomic nuclear industry. Big nuclear company not interested in new nuclear power

New Zealand leads the world in nuclear thinking

Climate changeRecord CO2 in atmosphere – greatest in a million years



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