Global nuclear industry in decline – looks to Australia for salvation

The global nuclear industry may pretend otherwise, but it is in crisis. The commercial nuclear industry is an economic disaster. The first and greatest nuclear nation, USA, has learned this. So has France. Britain now undergoes this painful realisation.

As these “old” nuclear countries realise the collapse of their nuclear industry, they turn to marketing nuclear technology overseas, in  a desperate effort to make the industry viable. This gets complicated, because the desire for nuclear weapons is a strong motive for buyers – India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia? – countries that really do not need nuclear power, but like the option of nuclear weapons..

Within the nuclear industry there’s been a division between the interests of the big “conventional” uranium fired nuclear reactors, and the supporters of small nuclear reactors and thorium fuelled reactors.

Here’s where Australia comes in. Somewhat culturally isolated, Australia is a sitting duck for a clumsy plan to put all these technologies together, and for the global nuclear salesmen to present a united face, and try to sell the whole lot to Australia.

These nuclear marketers  (Canada’s Lavalin, France’s AREVA, USA’s Westinghouse, GE Hitachi) are desperate for Australia to accept this scheme. Afflicted at home by public anxiety about radioactive trash, they really do need to be able to tell their citizens –  “Don’t worry – Australia will take the trash – we can keep on making it.”

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One Response to “Global nuclear industry in decline – looks to Australia for salvation”

  1. CaptD Says:

    Every informed voice is important especially N☢W since the nuclear industry and its supporters are doing everything they can to spread what I call Nuclear Baloney* (NB). N☢W it is even more important to call out those that are doing it, because without people like us, many readers that are not informed will be swayed by all those that seek Nuclear Payback**.


    What Phoboggers*** try and use to sidestep the reality of all the problems surrounding Nuclear Reactors; (like Safety, Fallout and the harmful effects of all kinds of radioactive particles) usually because of their connection to the Nuclear Industry!


    Those that support nuclear power because nuclear power somehow supports them; no matter what the health implications or other “costs” are for others.


    A Phony Blogger, someone that is getting paid and or promoting Spin to disrupt a blog discussion.

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