South Australia’s Nuclear Royal Commission – already a dishonest marketing exercise

scrutiny-Royal-Commission scrutiny-Royal-Commission-1Confusing and dishonest propaganda is already the modus operandi of South Australia’s Nuclear Royal Commission.

How Kevin Scarce, the (only known) Commissioner reported on their visit to Mt Gambier:

1. Public response  “It is clear from our first public forum held in Mount Gambier this week that the community is keenly interested in having their say on the nuclear fuel cycle.

2. Information provided “It was also clear that the Issues Papers were a valued source of information for the community, as the information is evidence-based and provides helpful guidance on the topics which submissions will best assist the inquiry”.

What really happened at Mt Gambier.:

1. Public (dubious) response Royal Commission (presumably Kevin Scarce + unknowns) held public forum at Mt Gambier on April 20.  Only 35 people attended. Then Commissioner talked with “business leaders” . – a lot of secrecy about who’s involved in this Royal Commission.

2, Information (not) provided. Out of 4 Issues Papers touted by the Commission, in fact only one  EXPLORATION, EXTRACTION AND MILLING (of Uranium and Thorium) (very narrow and inadequate)  has yet been released..


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