This week’s nuclear news – Australia and International


ANZAC Day It’s a pity that this 100 year commemoration of the soldiers of Gallipoli has turned out to be, in some areas, more of a party, and an opportunity for jingoism.  Still, I visited a small country library, and was impressed with the tasteful and respectful way that the community had acknowledged this day. So I think that for most people, respect, and the desire for a peaceful world, are uppermost in their thoughts .   I felt  a bit sorry for Woolworths – they got into trouble for commercialising ANZAC Day – when heaps of others were doing the same – and all had been encouraged by the government.

Amongst all the ANZAC fuss, a small exhibition in Melbourne and online should not be missed.  FIRST WORLD WAR WOMEN working for peace 1914 – 1919. Primary sources remind us of the strength and influence of the anti war movement 100 years ago.

South Australia’s Nuclear Royal Commission. Quite  a secretive affair really. We don’t know who are the Commissioners, except for their pro nuclear chief Kevin Scarce. Only one (very narrowly defined) Issues Paper is available, yet Scarce (and we don’t know who else) are visiting country towns for “informed discussion”.  Only 35 people turned up at Mt Gambier. The S.A. govt is keeping it as a State matter, (not National). But when it comes to advice and help – well, that’s coming Internationally, from Canada’s corrupt nuclear industry, and the very troubled EPR nucleartechnology of France’s near-bankrupt nuclear industry.

Climate. Tony Abbott – having gone allout to shut down reputable climate science, offered University of Western Australia funding for a climate think-tank – headed by Bjorn Lomborg, who advocates no action on climate change. Theinternational nuclear lobby was delighted – they see nuclear taking over – much later, from coal.   Australia’scrumbling international reputation – questions on climate policy

Uranium. Rio Tinto and ERA passing the buck to each other on who pays for Ranger uranium clean-up

Aboriginal issues. Australia breaches international law in evicting remote Aboriginal communities

Solar power. In Nyngan in New South Wales Australia’s largest solar project is completed.

Australia’s Anti – nuclear fight goes to Canada to  World Uranium Symposium. Australian government aims to shut down critics of its environmental policies.



Nuclear Unsafety. Meticulous research indicates much greater likelihood of another Chernobyl-scale nuclear accident.  USA and Russian generals warn of danger of cyber criminals causing a nuclear disaster

Iran. Significant concessions made by Iran in nuclear deal. Iran nuclear deal a good template for all countries, to reduce nuclear weapons proliferation.

France/Finland. No easy fix for France’s multi-billion dollar Evolutionary Power Reactor (EPR).  Flamanville nuclear safety problem – a knockout blow for UK’s EPR reactor project? Finland’s nuclear regulator demands safety check forOlkiluoto 3 nuclear reactor’s pressure vessel

UK. Delays and yet more delays – safety issues for £24.5bn Hinkley Point nuclear power project

Japan. Court in south-west Japan rejects a residents’ injunction against restarting 2 nuclear power plants

Fukushima. As workers’ radiation exposure count rises, shortage of labour predicted at Fukushima nuclear plant.  Thedemise of 2 robots inside the Fukushima nuclear disaster.   ¥3.57 trillion needed in next 5 years for “rebuilding” Fukushima. Radiation has wreaked havoc with Fukushima’s birds

 Russia‘s thirst for Arctic mining causes effort to retrieve sunken nuclear submarines

USA. Nuclear lobby pushing for corporate welfare and exports, through the Export-Import Bank.  Obama keen to sell USA nuclear technology to China. Dozens of USA nuclear reactors at risk of closure for economic reasons.

South Korea hopes new deal with USA will forward its nuclear technology export business

Austria‘s opposition to nuclear power


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