Nuclear news snippets this week


South Australia’s Nuclear Royal Commission.  It’s  gone pretty quiet, but South Australian Treasurer Tom Koutsantonis has been spruiking nuclear expansion at a resources conference. Publicity promotes Australia as becoming the Saudi Arabia of Nuclear Power 

Nuclear promoters quietly lobbying Labor politicians, claim that they have the backing of Labor leader Bill Shorten. They are planning to follow the tactics of USA anti-climate lobbyists – taking their attack to the States. Although the nuclear industry is a Federal issue, and they need to overturn National laws – the idea is to get the States onside first.  Keep up with developments at

Social media. I’m hoping that some people will join me in monitoring Twitter. (I’m quite chuffed at the attacks on me – I tweet as @ChristinaMac1 – shows that my tweets are having an impact. )  The Australian pro nuclear lobby tweets with the hashtag #SANuclearRC. So far that’s just a few shills retweeting old propaganda to each other – nothing new or really relevant.

Former estate agent Senator Sean Edwards has gone out on a political limb, spruiking for the Australian nuclear lobby. He got national media coverage, but Dr Helen Caldicott got the brushoff, from Murdoch media (surprise surprise)

Abbott govt’s Energy White Paper is highly political, as is its stand on Renewable Energy Target, and  ‘wilfully deluded’ on climate change.   Loves coal, hates solar, friendly to nuclear.

Coal. Big investment banks walk away from Queensland’s Galilee Basin coal projects. New South Wales Premier Mike Baird firmly on the side of the coal lobby

Queensland Senator Matthew Canavan wants no tax deductability for environment groups

Thousands of Australians rally against closure of remote indigenous communities



Pope Francis goes all out for nuclear disarmament

Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) – the nuclear lobby’s desperate delusion

Fukushima. TEPCO  abandons the failed robot stuck inside Fukushima nuclear reactor. Japan mulls releasing radiation into air, instead of water – evaporation instead of Pacific ocean drainage. Highly Contaminated WaterRemains in Unit 1 Basement.

China. Wind power rising fast in China, once again producing more electricity than nuclear power is. Nuclear reprocessing not going at all well. China’s new nuclear reactors lack required modern safety features

USA. Fears of a nuclear Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) cause Pentagon to re-open Cheyenne mountain bunker.   Issues of anger and violence – in commander in charge of moving nuclear bombs.    Michigan lawmaker urges Congress to oppose Canada’s waste dump plan near Lake Huron.    Federal Judge OKs Uranium Mining Next to Grand Canyon National Park.     Steady fall in support for nuclear power among American public.

UK. Debate on whether or not Britain should have its own Trident nuclear arsenal 

Canada.   Local opposition to nuclear waste dumping seems to work. Vancouver the latest of 50 cities to commit to100% renewable energy.

Taiwan‘s nuclear waste storage problem may cause early retirement of nuclear reactor

Turkey. Agressive pro nuclear propaganda in Turkey (a taste of what’s to come, globally?)

India‘s government acts to cut off funding for Greenpeace: freezes its bank accounts

Financial success for investors who dumped holdings in coal, gas and oil

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