Monitor the machinations of South Australia’s nuclear lobby

We must keep an eye on the South Australian machinations towards that State becoming the world’s nuclear hub and waste dump.  For that reason I’ve put this new page up on the Anntinuclear  website –  – it will be regularly updated.

April 6th 2015  South Australia’s Nuclear Royal Commission is due to report its Recommendations by 6 May 2016

Things have gone very quiet now, since the initial announcement about this Nuclear Fuel Chain Royal Commission on 8th February 2015.

So – what is going on now, about this?    Well, we don’t know.

We don’t know:

– who will be on the Royal Commission panel, (except for pro nuke leader Kevin Scarce) and who will be their “expert” witnesses

– when submissions from the public will be invited

– what will be the closing date for submissions

We do know – that there’s a format for submissions, and that those submissions must relate to the Terms of Reference, and presumably nothing outside of that.

What we can expect.
hired-gunI’m betting on a fairly long period of media silence. During that time, the nuclear lobby will be organising all its well paid industry writers to produce detailed, highly technical arguments in submissions for bringing the whole nuclear fuel chain to South Australia.

I’m expecting that the great unwashed – that’s you and I – will be supposed to be intimidated by the legalistic format for submissions. Meanwhile Australia’s mostly ignorant and mostly subservient mainstream media will – in the fullness of time – trot out all the necessary simplistic pro nuclear dribble provided by the nuclear lobby.

SO – watch this space – watch this page for regular updates on the progress of South Australia’s Nuclear Fuel Chain  Commission. AND – you can sign up to get their emails – from  – click on “Keep me informed” 


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