International nuclear news this week

a-cat-CANUkraine. A most interesting news item this week has been further information on the impact of Chernobyl radiation inhibiting  the processes of decay of dead trees. A new study published in Oecologia, decomposers—organisms such as microbes, fungi and some types of insects that drive the process of decay—have also suffered from the contamination. Alexey Yablokov also reported effects on disease bacteria, and the necessity for studying the microbiological consequences of the Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe.   World’s largest moveable structure being built – the Chernobyl sarcophagus.

Iran. Landmark agreement in nuclear deal between Iran and the West

JapanLawsuit against Japanese government by Fukushima residents. TEPCO not paying up forradiation fallout cleanup in local municipalities. Japan forced to give USA nuclear corporations legal immunity, in order to get help with Fukushima cleanup. Radioactive waste “forgotten”in 12 provinces other than Fukushima. Deceptive push by Japan’s ruling Party to bring back dependence on nuclear power

Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. Officials from Tepco have admitted   that there is no technology yet invented for cleaning up the molten nuclear fuel cores. Increasing percentage of radioactive cesium in water in basement of Fukushima nuclear reactor 1. Below Fukushima nuclear plant – pools of molten nuclear fuel.

UK. UK’s Hinkley nuclear plant developments stalled as financial negotiations drag on.  Nuclear waste dumps can be forced on local communities – new legislation. UK plan for solar panels on every school roof

USA. If the government bails out the failing commercial spent fuel reprocessing, (MOX – Mixed Oxide Fuel – plutonium and uranium) the big beneficiary will be the French company AREVA. Nuclear corporation Exelon using several strategies to get tax-payers and rate-payers to bail it out of financial trouble. Plans to expand South Texas nuclear plant are shelved. It’s getting serious when nuclear pollution threatens the wine industry

France. State owned nuclear corporation AREVA in deep financial trouble – needs tax-payer bailout

Bulgaria pulls out of $4bn Westinghouse nuclear deal.

Switzerland‘s revised nuclear liability law makes things much more expensive for nuclear companies

Climate Change. Thousands of years for the oceans to recover. Guardian Media Group to divest its £800m fund from fossil fuels. Anglican bishops speak out – call for divestment from fossil fuels


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