Roundup of the week’s nuclear news -Australia and International


South Australia Royal Commission into nuclear industry expansion. Governor Hieu Van Le has signed off to mark the official start of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission. Note the word “cycle”.  That word already implies a circular process, which is indeed the intention of the nuclear lobby. Their story is that nuclear waste will be transformed into fuel for fleets of new (untested) Small Modular Nuclear Reactors. Waste problem solved!

But no. The promised geewhiz little reactors that Australia is supposed to buy en masse, DO themselves produce highly toxic wastes, and will themselves eventually become radioactive corpses requiring burial.

So -rather than a nuclear fuel cycle, Premier Weatherill’s plan would mean  a nuclear fuel chain – around our necks!

So far just one Commissioner appointed – the pro nuclear Kevin Scarce. The Term of Reference do not include examining the uranium industry, nor South Australia’s global nuclear role, nor the connection with nuclear weapons. Already it is implied that the proposed nuclear waste dump will be on Aboriginal land.

South Australian voters reject expansion of nuclear industry

A number of articles on these issues are on my website– under the categories “South Australia” and “politics” (Also note below:  USA Nuclear lobby looking for tax-payer funded guinea pigs to test their new gimmicks )

National. Nuclear waste that originated in Lucas Heights is due to return to Australia soon. Why don’t people realise the distinction between the relatively small amounts of nuclear waste (originating at Lucas Heights) that Australia is contracted to take back, and the greedy dream of some to import nuclear wastes from other countries?

On  a positive note – The Senate voted “Yes” to Greens  Senator Lee Rhiannon’s motion, backing a local Councils’ a solar powered initiative in western New South Wales. On a negative note, Family First Senator Bob Day  won enough Senate support to formally welcome the nuclear commission, with his motion passing 34 to 33. I think that he’s carrying his religious fervour for the nuclear family too far!

Queensland . French nuclear giant AREVa (itself in financial trouble)  has permanently abandoned its plans to mine uranium in Queensland- due to the new government’s policy and to the ever slumping uranium market. New Labor govt says no to uranium mining.  

In New South Wales, only one company has taken up the government’s invitation to get an exploring license.New South Wales’s Labor would turn Hunter Valley into a renewable energy hub

Australian Capital Territory rejects hosting radioactive waste dump

Media. Vanuatu cyclone disaster. Australian media seems to have decided that it’s not nice manners to mention climate change having any connection.

Renewable Energy Target impasse continues. That’s the way the Abbott govt likes it – slowly killing investment for future development. Greens Senator Larissa Waters strongly advocates for keeping the RET


Iran nuclear talks reaching deadline.  White House urges US Congress not to sabotage Iran nuclear negotiations

Asian and Pacific Green Parties unite in aim for nuclear free region

Anti nuclear protest: 45,000 people march in Taiwan. Anti nuclear rallies in over 200 German towns

Climate. IAE finds that renewable energy and efficiency are significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Japan. Govt aims to end nuclear power ban – but legal obstacles remain. Five old nuclear reactors to bite the dust.  Japanese public to bear the costs of scrapping them.   As Japan has no solution to nuclear wastes, closing reactors should start the end of nuclear industry. “Nuclear village” , like USA’s “military industrial complex” allows TEPCO to go unscathed. Another major leak of radioactive water at Fukushima nuclear facility. Fukushima’s bags ofradioactive trash pile up

Europe. Legal case developing against EU’s approval of State subsidies for Hinkley nuclear plant. Renewable Energy Target to be raised in Norway and Sweden

USA. Revolving door for job between US Department of Energy and nuclear corporation. Nuclear lobby looking for tax-payer funded guinea pigs to test their new gimmicks.    100% renewable energy for Hawaii by 2040/

Canada. Nuclear reactors are not needed for medical isotopes

UK. In just one year, Sellafield nuclear clean-up bill jumps an extra £5bn

France.  Nuclear company AREVA – too big to fail?

South Korea blames North Korea for nuclear power cyber attack


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