Kevin Scarse says he’s not biased! Oh No! Meanwhile 1000 submissions to S.A. Royal Commission

Nuclear royal commissioner officially appointed, denies bias ABC Radio National PM 19 Scarce,--Kevin-glowMar 15 DAVID MARK: The newly appointed royal commissioner for investigating the nuclear industry in South Australia says he is not biased towards the industry. The former South Australian governor, Kevin Scarce, has been accused of speaking in favour of the industry in the past.
The royal commission officially started today.
Mr Scarce says the commission will hold public hearings around the state. In Adelaide, Natalie Whiting reports. 

NATALIE WHITING: In the lead up to the start of South Australia’s royal commission into developing a nuclear industry, there has been some criticism of the man selected to lead it. Some people opposing the inquiry, including Doctor Jim Green from Friends of the Earth Australia, say former governor Kevin Scarce had spoken out in favour of the industry before.

He was officially given the role of commissioner today and has hit back at those suggestions……..

NATALIE WHITING: He says dates for public hearings should be finalised next month. There appears to be a lot of interest in commenting on the commission. One thousand submissions were received on the draft terms of reference. They’ve been altered to include a line about looking at past environmental experiences with nuclear.Craig Wilkins from the Conservation Council has welcomed that.

CRAIG WILKINS: We actually do have a significant history already in this industry and it’s really important that if the commission is to do its work properly it considers where we’ve come from as well as where we’re going. So we very strongly welcome the fact that the terms of reference have been broadened to include that history.

NATALIE WHITING: But he says he would have liked the terms to also look at minimising the state’s involvement in the industry. South Australia already mines uranium.

CRAIG WILKINS: Surely any decent investigation of an industry should mean that all options are on the table. If there are concerns, which many people do have concerns already with this industry, surely this commission should be looking at what our appropriate role should be in it and that may well be a reduction rather than an increase.

NATALIE WHITING: Kevin Scarce says that has been ruled out……

NATALIE WHITING: A number of staff, including researchers, still need to be appointed to the royal commission.

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