South Australia: Renewable Not Radioactive – put in YOUR submission  – Go to this website for an easy way to make your submission

South Australia: Renewable Not Radioactive

A Royal Commission is being established to consider South Australia’s role into nuclear energy.

Premier Jay Weatherill has indicated that the Royal Commission will explore uranium enrichment, nuclear power generation and nuclear waste.

You can help make sure that all aspects of this toxic industry and its history are explored by submitting your ideas about what the Terms of Reference should be. We only have until February 16, 2015 to do it.

Here in South Australia we are already world leaders in renewable energy, such as wind and solar – we believe South Australia’s future should be renewable not radioactive.

Please send a message to the Attorney-Generals Department below.

Make your submission to the Attorney-Generals Department on the Terms of Reference

Feel free to incorporate and use our dot points below, but please make sure to include your own message, subject line and name at the bottom for the email to send. 

To the Attorney-General Department,

I urge you to consider the following Terms of Reference to be included for the Royal Commission into nuclear energy. The Royal Commission will be undermined if it doesn’t include the following Terms of Reference.

· The environmental impacts of uranium mining in South Australia.

· Nuclear waste; the Royal Commission must look widely at nuclear waste management in South Australia, including uranium tailings. The Commission should examine proposals to host international nuclear waste and status of the waste industry globally.

· Legacy sites; South Australia’s contaminated nuclear sites including Maralinga, the Port Pirie Uranium Treatment Complex, and Radium Hill. There are unresolved concerns over the status of these sites (in relation to public health and environmental impacts) and the Royal Commission provides an opportunity to finally resolve these issues.

· The opportunity costs of a further embrace of the nuclear cycle, including the impact on our clean and green food and wine reputation, and the tourism and international student markets, particularly if South Australia were to host an international repository for high-level nuclear waste.

· Insurance, financial risk, public liabilities and subsidies; a comprehensive examination of the potential liability of the SA Government in the case of an incident or accident.

· Exploration of alternative energy sources to address the challenge of climate change, including the potential for growth in renewables and other low carbon technologies

Yours sincerely,


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