South Australia’s nuclear inquiry – expensive waste of time!

Meg Sobey, Conservation South Australia, 8 Feb 15 The state’s peak environment body is deeply disappointed that so much time, energy and resources will be spent on a costly and ultimately fruitless inquiry into the unwanted and unsafe nuclear industry, when we should be focusing on clean, green renewables instead.

“Conservation SA, like the vast majority of South Australians, remains deeply opposed to nuclear power, nuclear waste and all other parts of the nuclear cycle,” said Chief Executive, Craig Wilkins.

“South Australians have spoken time and time again: we don’t want to be the world’s nuclear waste dump. “Yet that’s the real agenda here: the only market gap in the nuclear fuel cycle is for us to become the dumping ground for the world’s nuclear waste.

“The first two questions the Royal Commission should ask is: Where on the South Australian coast will a nuclear power plant be located?

What impact will becoming the world’s nuclear waste dump have on our state’s tourism and education export markets and clean and green food reputation?

“South Australia is already a world leader in clean and green energy.

“That’s the real energy gold we should be chasing, not the fuel’s gold of turning our state into a toxic nuclear waste dump,” he said.

Meg Sobey, Communications Officer on 0411 028 930   Craig Wilkins 0417 879 439


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