Nuclear news this week: Australian politics special

I feel sorry for Australia’s TV comedian Sean Micallef. How can he possibly compete with what is going on in Canberra now? Liberal Coalition MPs falling all over themselves trying to work out how to keep their jobs, with what leader?

The general opinion seems to be that only with Malcolm Turnbull as leader can they have a hope in hell of still being in power after the next election – whether or not they boot Tony Abbott out at next Tuesday’s Party Meeting, or further down the track.


​But – let’s remember – however silly our current Prime Minister might apper – knighting Prince Philip etc – the reason that Australians are fed up is fundamentally the unfairness of this government’s policies.  Columnist Waleed Aly hit the nail on the head, with his incisive Age article Coalition needs a heart transplant, not a facelift

So – let’s remember, too, that Malcolm Turnbull might be a bit more progressive, a bit more subtle, than Tony Abbott – but he’d be still leading the Party with its policies dictated by the Institute of Public Affairs, on behalf of the polluting corporations.




Symposium: The Dynamics of Possible Nuclear Extinction – February 28-March 1, 2015 at The New York Academy of Medicine

A pro nuclear expert bemoans the fact that their “climate” propaganda is not working!

China is merging its two big nuclear corporations with a view to an export drive, to market their nuclear technology to other countries.

India: still big doubts that USA nuclear corporations will be able to sell their reactors to India. If USA nuclear reactors have accidents in India – Indian tax-payers pay: US corporations scot-free!

 USA: Activists against fracking join forces with anti-nuclear activists. Judge allows hearings on summer closings of New York nuclear plant .   Majority of US Republicans support action on Climate Change

Japan. Fukushima. Cancer epidemic underway in Fukushima — Rates up 6,000% says head of cancer research center. Tepco starts to fill Unit 3 trench with concrete. Tepco unlikely to complete ice wall by March.  Manga artist claims again Fukushima radiation is causing nosebleeds. Land secured in Fukushima opens door for 1st shipment of radioactive waste.  TEPCO agrees to pay compensation for property damage in radiation ‘hotspot’ area.

48 of 89 children found thyroid abnormality in Ushiku city Ibaraki

UK.  Dismantling nuclear weapons industry could become a political possibility in Britain.

Norway.  Norwegian military found out that Russian bomber near Norway’s coast had nuclear warhead.

Jordan.  Hind al Fayez -charismatic young parliamentarian challenges Jordan’s nuclear ambitions

Pakistan.  Civil Society challenges government, questioning nuclear power plans


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