Climate Change ignored by Abbott, and by mainstream media journalists, in Abbott’s Big Speech

a-cat-CANI have just listened to Australia’s Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, delivering a lengthy, waffling and repetitive speech at the National Press Club luncheon.  Not that this was a surprise, seeing that it represents a last ditch of a beleagured politician to convince sceptical journalists, and the public, that he is The  Greatest.  That was pretty much the theme – that and the previous labor government being responsible for all our ills.

No matter – as far as I’m concerned, everything that Tony Abbott says is pretty irrelevant to Australia’s present and future condition.

cartoon-climate-AustIN 2007 Australia had a Prime Minister who stated that climate change is “the great moral, environmental and economic challenge of our age”


I didn’t expect Abbott to mention Climate Change.

But what about our journalists?  There they were – apparently aiming to trap Tony about his leadership position.

I would have liked some more questions about the government’s policies. And at least just one little question about Australia’s policy, or lack thereof, on Climate Change




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