Across Australia Aboriginal activists prepare for Invasion Day national convergence

Aboriginal activists plan national convergence for freedom, Green Left, January 17, 2015 By Alex Bainbridge & Seamus Doherty Aboriginal people and their supporters are converging in Canberra from all over Australia for the Invasion Day weekend. The weekend will feature a “sit-in” that is expected to release an historic Declaration of Independence reaffirming Aboriginal sovereignty in this country.

Plans for the convergence were made at the Freedom Summit held in Alice Springs in November. The summit reportedly involved 250 people who released a communique and appointed a delegation of twenty Aboriginal leaders from around the country to prepare the January mobilisation.

A program of activities has been organised including the “Last Day of Freedom” on January 25 and a national day of mourning for Invasion Day itself. The “First Day of Resistance” on January 27 will begin a the month long sit-in……….

Special focus is made on the decision to close Aboriginal communities in Western Australia and South Australia. The Communique describes the bulldozing of Oombulgurri in WA as “an act of aggression in an open genocidal process, on top of the continuing apartheid and land clearances through the Northern Territory Intervention.”

The communique also highlights the fact that sovereignty has never been ceded by Aboriginal people in this country and identifies “mass action in the streets” as the means to win justice………….

Activists around the country have been mobilising for the summit including preparation activities in Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

The Nyoongar Tent Embassy in Perth has organised a series of fundraisers, including a quiz night and performance nights, to raise funds to send people on buses to Canberra.

The bus from Perth departs January 20.

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