This week’s nuclear and climate news – International and Australian

a-cat-CANINTERNATIONAL I thought I’d put this lot first, as this week’s Australian news is pretty boring.

Climate Change.

Media.  Anti nuclear allies: the terrorist victims  – cartoonists of Charlie Hebdo.    Journalists’ self-censorship – avoiding hard topics for fear of government surveillance

Militarism. Gorbachev Says NATO Expansion Into Ukraine Could Ignite Nuclear War.  The nuclear dangers in Ukraine energy wars – don’t miss the full article!

Japan Nuclear policy: the big divide in Japanese society. Fukushima: Environmental problems remain after the Fukushima nuclear disaster  Pacific Ocean research. Fukushima fallout has a distinctive “fingerprint”

Iran. Rouhani’s and Obama’s difficult path towards a nuclear compromise.

UK: The Sellafield mess

USA Nuclear industry braces for an even tougher year in 2015.  Entergy can’t afford, for decades, to dismantle Vermont Yankee Nuclear Plant. USA’s nuclear industry’s future in doubt – as shown in the costs of Exelon’s New York reactor

Renewable energy: New resource for renewable energy information – REsource, from IRENA.  Wind power recordset by Denmark as it heads towards fossil-free goal


Uranium. Things have gone rather quiet on this, though industry and government put up a bold front. RIO Tinto boastsabout plans to sell uranium to India, and its subsidiary ERA downplays its poor record in 2014.  ERA ‘s Ranger mine is closed, and even ERA is questioning the viability of the plan for  a new underground mine – doing a “prefeasibility” study – not even a”feasibility” one. Much government hype about selling to India, but safety requirements are still not finalised .

Australia-India CEO forum set up, and Tony Abbott appoints Vanessa Guthrie, of uranium company Toro Energy, to head this. (they always give the difficult jobs to a woman)

BHP wants the Australian government to allow a bigger radioactive waste tailings dam at Olympic Dam.  Australianuranium miner Paladin will have to comply with Canada’s new tax transparency laws.

Queensland election.  Queensland Nationals Senator Matt Canavan attacks the Renewable Energy Target.  Greens the only Party in Queensland serious about Climate Change

Freedom of speech. Great timing since the Charlie Hebdo staff masscre – Tasmanian government wants new defamation law that will protect corporations from criticism.

Renewable energy. Australia dives towards the bottom in large scale renewable energy investment, thanks to RET uncertainty. Clean energy sector ‘uninvestable’.


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