Profitganda – a neat new word to explain the push for nuclear power

PROFITGANDACapt D 27 Dec 14 The reality is that in Japan and many other “civilized” countries the nuclear “lobby” is so powerfully that they in essence control not only the Government but also what forms of energy are used by the people of that country.

I have coined the term “Energy Slavery” as describing how many people are forced to buy their “Energy” from a Utility that does not provide the types of generation that the ratepayers want because it would not benefit the Utilities shareholders as much.

This will become ever more prevalent as Solar (of all flavors) cost continues to decline while Nuclear generation continues to increase in cost. Most new reactors that will be built will result in generating very high cost energy, which local ratepayers will be forced to pay, thanks to agreements being forced upon ratepayers in order to get these same nuclear reactors built.

I predict that history will show that the Leaders supporting these BIG reactor projects will themselves be enriched by these ☢ Energy deals, in what I call Profitganda*

Profitganda is the use of phony “feel good” information to sell an idea, product or concept to the masses.


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