The latest in nuclear and climate news


Federal politics: Australia’s Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has suddenly discovered that climate change is real, and nuclear power is the obvious cure for it. Interestingly, Australia’s top nuclear power proponent, Dr Ziggy Switkowski now thinks that  renewable energy sources could be more viable than nuclear.

Renewable Energy Target (RET). Maverick Senator Jacqui Lambie’s turnabout on Renewable Energy – makes you wonder just what vested interests are pressurising her.    Silence in Parliament and in the media – about changes to the RET.  But Tony Abbott doesn’t need to crush the RET in any hurry –   just prolonging the uncertainty is all that he needs to destroy Australia’s renewable energy industry

State politics: Victorian election. The dust has barely settled. But the Labor victory, and support for The Greens must have given the federal Abbott government a nasty shock.  Labor has hardly been forthcoming on matters nuclear or climate change. Labor came out with  a feeble afterthought on climate change, promising a $20 million New Energy Jobs Fund for renewable projects. “The ‘policy’ contains nothing on coal, nothing on coal seam gas, nothing on forest logging and nothing on a Victorian Renewable Energy Target”. However, Labor does promise to reintroduce emissions reduction target

The Greens, hope to have one MP now in the Legislative Assembly, will promote their policies for action on climate change, and for renewable energy.

Uranium sales to India . Wikileaks reveals that Australia was pushed to nuclear deal with India, by USA strategic interests

ERA’s Ranger uranium mine at crisis point. Mirrar people are prepared to develop a different, non-uranium mining, economy in Kakadu NationaPark

Indigenous Leaders’ Summit  aims to reclaim Indigenous rights agenda and representation from a few high-profile voices.


 Climate Change.  2014 heading to be the hottest year on record.   Climate change brings threat of sea level riseto nuclear power facilities.   Energy efficiency  is claimed to be the most effective method of tackling climate change.

Uranium spot price plummets as buyers exit market.  Nuclear power’s future gets gloomier

Iran.  Nuclear talks with Iran extended for another 7 months

Fire shuts down Belgian nuclear reactor.

British jihadi claims that the Islamic State has a ‘dirty bomb’

USA. Illness and two deaths among sailors exposed to Fukushima radiation.  Deeper problems underlie the serious errors at America’s Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP).   Indian Point Nuclear Complex’s  nuclear spent fuel problem increases.    Nuclear power plant Vogtle in Georgia – more delays

China. Nuclear power investment in China might not be such a good deal.  China’s very rapid renewable energy growth– IRENA reports

UK.  Nuclear power outdone by renewable energy in Scotland.  Spiralling costs of Britain’s Project Pegasus nuclear plant. UK government extends its  Government Security Classifications (GSC), that apply to Sellafield and other nuclear facilities.  Doubts grow in UK government about the future of the Hinkley Point Nuclear Plant, as its costs soar, and as renewable energy spreads across Europe, and becomes cheaper.

France:  IAEA tells France to smarten up on nuclear power safety

Japan.  Nuclear power company Kepco aims to keep reactors going way beyond their present license limit


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