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Last week I wrote about the IPCC latest report on Climate Change, and also about the coming G20 Summit in
Brisbane. I thought at the time, that it was pretty crazy, letting a scientifically illiterate puppet of the fossil fuel Abbott-puppet-of-big-bizand nuclear industries (I refer to Tony Abbott) dictate the agenda for this meeting of world leaders.

This week – the whole thing is turning into a farce. The G20 is no doubt costing Australia $squillions. Now who would pay all that  tax-payer money to look like  a fool?  Alas, Abbott would.

Abbott has set agenda items like – no mention of Climate Change, – like cutting benefits to unemployed, especially those under 30 years – to get nothing for 6 months.  And of course, Abbott has been spruiking coal – “good for humanity”  But just as I write, comes the news that USA and China have made a deal for big cuts in carbon emissions.   I charitably omit here discussion of “shirt-fronting” Putin.

The G20 looks like being, at best, a nice talkfest for the attendees. Meanwhile  Indigenous people have set up theirprotest rally in Brisbane, and  the Alternative Summit – the C20 is sounding much more sensible than the G20.

Now – to nuclear . Public comments are now closed, on the government’s plan for a national nomination process for a radioactive waste dump site. National civil society groups are urging the government to hold an independent scientific inquiry on the matter of radioactive waste management.  In Western Australia citizens of Leonora joined in this call to Energy Minister Ian MacFarlane. after  the Leonora Shire offered their area as a dump site.

A new project has begun, to document the the health effects from atomic bomb testing in South Australia

War – very much a media item these days. Not just the current ones in Iraq and Ukraine, but a veritable barrage of memorabilia, including militaristic propaganda about World War 1.  It’s remarkable that one Melbourne woman, Geraldine Robertson,  has achieved the feat of exhibiting the story of Australia’s First World War Women – Working For Peace.

Renewable energy. There’s an awful lot of media coverage of this – hard to keep up. Importantly, the Labor Party has stood fast, will not negotiate any weakening of the Renewable Energy Target. The Business Council of Australia (BCA)  (a pro nuclear organisation) has offered a dodgy deal to the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA)  – in whichARENA must  include  Carbon Capture and Storage as a “low carbon” technology. Hmmm – BCA also call nuclear power a “low carbon technology.  The State of Victoria is soon to hold election – renewable energy is a bit of a worry for our anti-wind energy Liberal Premier Napthine – for example, in the Macedon electorate.


Legal matters.  Judge rules nuclear reactors causing thyroid cancers    Judge adds General Electric, EBASCO, Toshiba and Hitachi as defendants in nuclear radiation case

Fukushima: Japan has chosen to incinerate tons of radioactive waste.  TEPCO removes second canopy panel covering nuclear reactor.  Fukushima radioactivity detected of West Coast of USA.  New book Fukushima: Dispossession or Denuclearization?

Germany Anti-nuclear activists held up a train carrying uranium for conversion to nuclear fuel, and organise an international  meeting to oppose  uranium transport hosted by SOFA Münster.

Syria. Five nuclear engineers murdered – by Israel?

France. Mysterious drone flights still going on above nuclear power plants.

Iran nuclear talks struggle on – may continue beyond the deadline of November 24 . Meanwhile Russia ramps up its nuclear marketing pitch to Iran.

South Africa.  China joins the throng trying to flog off nuclear reactors to South Africa. South Africa’s nuclear dealskept secret from Cabinet and Treasury!

Bolivia. 56 prominent individuals across the globe write to oppose nuclear energy for Bolivia

USA. weakens environmental radiation safety standards.  Tax-payer money invested in dodgy new nuclear gimmick ,Power Reactor Innovative Small Module (PRISM)   Note how these days they leave out that nasty word “nuclear”.Renewable energy threatened as  Republicans take over in the Senate   Thorium – no prospects as an energy source, but China might use it for weapons

UK. Raised incidence of cancers and birth defects in families of British veterans of nuclear bomb tests


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