Australia has downgraded previous G20’s commitment to fairness

G20-danse-macabreG20: Australia criticised for removing commitment to ‘fair’ economic growth C20 civil society groups say Australia has downgraded the commitment of previous G20 summits to ‘inclusive growth’, political editor, Tuesday 11 November 2014 Australia is sidelining the idea of “fair” or “inclusive” economic growth in G20 discussions this weekend, civil society leaders have alleged.

Tony Abbott has said the first aim of the G20 is to “promote economic growth and jobs growth by strengthening the private sector” and on the weekend, leaders will unveil the “Brisbane Action Plan” which compiles the individual policies they say will increase cumulative growth in their economies by 2%.

But the co-chairs of the civil society groups advising the leaders, the so-called C20, say Australia has downgraded the commitment of previous G20 summits to “inclusive growth”.

World Vision chief executive and C20 chair Tim Costello told Guardian Australia, “It appears the language about equality and inclusive growth has been taken out and we are hearing that is at Australia’s instigation … we are hearing the Abbott government doesn’t like that language.”

Oxfam has released a report stating that in the year since Australia has held the G20 presidency (between 2013 and 2014) total wealth in the G20 nations increased by $17tn, but 36% of that amount went to the richest 1% of citizens in those countries………


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