The G20’s destructive goal of endless growth

The G20 Summit will be held  on 15 and 16 November at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, South Bank. Attending will be up to 4,000 delegates and up to 3,000 domestic and international media representatives. US President Barack Obama, Russia’s Vladimir Putin, Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel and UK Prime Minster David Cameron will be among 26 world attending.  There will be  up to 4,000 delegates and up to 3,000 domestic and international media representatives.

The purpose of this summit is to foster economic growth.  Yes – a bigger world population, greater production of ‘goods’, greater consumption of ‘goods’ and energy.  Supposedly all this is good for business. Climate change will NOT be on the agenda – as it has no connection with the economy. Or does it?

Australia was once a leader in environmental consciousness. We understood that at the basis of a healthy economy was a healthy environment – earth, water, air.  It is ironic that Australia should be hosting this international growthfest, under the leadership of Prime Minster Tony Abbott who has absolutely no idea of environment, nor of sustainable economics.

The nuclear connection is an underlying one. The nuclear industry, as shown by its advertisement film “Pandora’s Promise” . depends on the world accepting the need for endless growth and consumption, with ever increasing energy use – supplied by nuclear power. And – make no mistake – the Abbot government, (and its wimpy weak Labor opposition) has bought this idea – or more correctly, have been bought by the polluting industries.


There is a new philosophy emerging – but not from these so-called leaders, – the philosophy of the Conserver Society, as against the Consumer Society . This is well expressed by  Frank Rotering in his concept of “Contractionism” 



That we cannot go on as a species plagueing the planet, trashing it, and thinking that somehow humans can start it all over again on another planet. There must be  a radical change in economic thinking, and as  Frank Rotering suggests, this could well be led by business – by real leaders, who see that it makes financial sense to be truly conservative –

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