The dirty tactics of pro thorium trolls

A recent article analysed the illogicality, if not downright dishonesty of the climate sceptic trolls.
I welcomed that article with interest, as it dissected the often quite sophisticated comments, blogs, tweets, etc of the climate denialists, most of them well and truly in the pay of vested interests in the fossil fuel industries.
The nuclear lobby is no doubt just as sophisticated. However, it has a sort of “side arsenal” of tweeters, mainly focusing on the red herring industry of thorium energy, Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors (LFTRs and Small Modular (Nuclear) Reactors. (Note how these new geewhiz lobbyists leave out that tainted word “Nuclear” )
It’s interesting to look at their tactics – particularly on Twitter.
I am constantly the victim of Twitter trollism because I campaign against the nuclear industry. It is ironic that these trolls use climate change as their argument for nuclear power, – and accuse me constantly of being in the pay of the coal and gas companies. That’s despite the fact that I repeatedly write and publish on websites on the critical need for action to address climate change
The pro nuclear trolls use two tactics.
 The main one is to abuse and discredit their targeted person. Thus I am not only “in the pay” of the fossil fuel industries, I am also a “murderer” – as well as being “stupid” “evil” ignorant” and have many other unpleasant attributes.
Their second tactic is to focus on narrowly technical matters – such as the intricacies of new (though not yet existing) Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors (LFTRs). The pretense is that this is the whole argument – the superiority of new nuclear technology. Subjects such as economics, ecology, public health, civil liberties, – these matters are “not relevant” to the discussion on nuclear power.
In fact, only people with technical expertise can have a valid opinion. (Of course if a technically qualified person should oppose nuclear power , then he or she must be “in the pay” of the fossil fuel industries).
Here are today’s samples of pro thorium tweeter tactics against critics – me, in fact. No attempt to answer the factual tweets that I posted about renewable energy versus nuclear power (My full name is Noel Christina Macpherson Wauchope)
Thomas Huxley @thjr19Notice how fossil fuel shill Noel Wauchope only mentions say coal (NEVER mentioning gas) perhaps once in a dozen tweets. $$$$$$ !! #thoriumThomas Huxley @thjr19

Noel Wauchope: Please! Fossil Fuel Shill Manager: No! NW: Please! FFSM: OK, every 2nd tweet. NO MORE, hear me

Thomas Huxley @thjr19

Noel Wauchope, fossil fuel industry shill, has been told to lay off coal. How long to get permission again?!


Would Noel Wauchope be the old bag who started by calling people she disagrees with shills, & trolls & astrobots on #thorium?

a-cat-CANNote. I have pointed out that pro thorium tweeters, instead of addressing my tweets on renewable energy, and the problems of thorium just abuse me personally. This kind of behaviour is indeed trollism.  Some, I am sure, are paid to tweet – these people are indeed shills. Some repetitively tweet out a succession of the same old pro thorium tweets. THese are almost certainly astrobots. I have never named a rweeter , even by their Twitter pseudonym.


3 Responses to “The dirty tactics of pro thorium trolls”

  1. alanmedsker Says:

    I am a proud support of nuclear energy, not paid at all, not in the industry. I support current nukes, and also the continued development of next-gen technology that improves significantly on them. I happen to be a LFTR advocate, but even current gen III nukes are way better than any other large-scale, reliable energy source we have. I look at the science and the track records of all of the energy sources we might use, and believe that nuclear (I think your “side” is responsible for tainting that term, actually) holds, by far, the most promise for meeting our energy needs without adding to climate change and public safety problems. If you want to call me, and others like me, a shill, then I guess that is fine, but I advocate for nuclear not from an idealogical point, but from a practical one.

    I won’t personally attack you, as I am sure you believe that you are doing the right thing. I would, however, ask you to look at all of our energy options, objectively, using citable and reliable sources of information, and consider just how we can replace the huge amount of coal energy production, in the next 50 years, without nuclear. I think you’ll see that it is a stretch at best, and more likely just not possible.

  2. Nicholas Bluefin Stonybrook Radioactive Tuna L.A. Times Fisher | From the Trenches World Report Says:

    […] The dirty tactics of pro thorium trolls | Nuclear Australia 2. s tweet attacks from pro Thorium Nuclear trolls « (49) 3. How pro nuclear trolls, (especially […]

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