International experts highlight Australia’s radioactive responsibility at Melbourne forums

14 Aug 14 In the shadow of the continuing Fukushima crisis and amid moves to fast-track Indian uranium sales two leading international commentators will highlight the risks and responsibilities of Australia’s nuclear trade in Melbourne this week.

Since Fukushima, a continuing crisis directly fuelled by Australian uranium, the future of nuclear energy in Japan is contested and uncertain. The stricken Fukushima nuclear plant remains a major hazard and the human and economic costs are mounting as the costly and complex clean-up operation continues.

Suzuki Tatsujiro, Vice-Director at the Research Centre for Nuclear Weapons Abolition at Nagasaki

University and former Vice-Chairman of the Japan Atomic Energy Commission is well placed to explore the costs and consequences of the Fukushima nuclear crisis and what this event means for energy policy and Australia.

With Tony Abbott travelling to India next month to talk uranium sales M. V. Ramana, Physicist with Princeton University’s Nuclear Futures Laboratory and author of The Power of Promise: Examining Nuclear Energy in India, has an important warning on plans to expand the Indian nuclear sector and deep concerns over proposed Australian uranium sales.

The two experts will be in Melbourne from the evening of Thursday August 14th until Saturday 16th for a series of academic presentations, civil society forums and a public meeting on Friday evening from 6:30-8pm at Melbourne City Conference Centre (see attached). Both are available for media interviews and commentary.

“In Nevil Shute’s novel On the Beach Melbourne was the radioactive end of the world”, said tour organiser Gem Romuld. “This week, with visiting experts of the calibre of these, it is centre stage. Australian uranium fuels nuclear risks and insecurity in many nations and in the wake of Fukushima there can be no nuclear business as usual. This tour and these talks are timely and vitally important”.


Harm Done / Harm to Come: Australian uranium, the Fukushima catastrophe and the dangers of Indian nuclear power

Friday 15th August 6:30pm-8pm

Melbourne City Conference Centre, 333 Swanston St, Melbourne CBD.


Richard Tanter – Nautilus Institute for Security and Sustainability (Melbourne University) – 0407 824 336

Gem Romuld – International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons – 0421 955 066


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