Tony Abbott flounders, as he fails to crash through the repeal of Australia’s carbon tax

Milne,-Christine-1PM Abbott exposes government incompetence 10 Jul 2014  Australian Greens Leader Christine Milne says the Australian people have seen today how the Abbott government will crash in its attempts to manipulate the Senate on carbon pricing and its destructive budget.

“The only thing that is clear today is that the Prime Minister has failed. This is government by incompetence. Deals in back rooms designed to stitch up the Senate have come unstuck. Tony Abbott is a crash or crash through Prime Minister, and today he crashed,” said Senator Milne.

“This is chaotic and it shows complete contempt for the processes of the Senate. The government gagged the debate then had to filibuster when the amendments came unstuck. The whole thing came to pieces.

“This is going to characterise this whole period of government unless Tony Abbott learns to respect the Senate and give it time to be an effective house of review.

“Nobody really understands, including the government it seems, what the Palmer political party’s amendment will deliver.

“The government says it hates red tape and green tape but apparently it loves yellow tape.

“The good news today is that we still have a carbon price in Australia. We still have a price on pollution that is bringing down emissions as we speak,” said Senator Milne.

“It’s not over yet. The government can try again to repeal it, but the Greens will fight every step of the way to keep making the polluters pay.

“This is now the second double dissolution trigger the Greens have helped deliver the government, after twice saving the Clean Energy Finance Corporation. Tony Abbott has threatened an early election, but is he really game to pull the trigger?”

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