Latest nuclear news – Australia and beyond


Radioactive waste- causes for concern

  1. The Abbott government’s move to get rid of its federal responsibilities about environment  – letting the States have control of many issues and decisions
  2. A new Bill in the Western Australian Parliament, that could give power to an Aboriginal leader to evaluate and negotiate decisions on land use.
  3. The proposal by one such Aboriginal leader, for a nuclear waste dump in his area.

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visits and does a defence/trade deal with Abbott government, – further locking Australia into USA’s military encirclement of China. Abe was welcomed in Parliament. He offered condolences, but no apology for Japan’s World war 2 cruelties to Australian soldiers, – just as there have been no apologies to Korea for the scandal of the Korean “comfort women”  Abe recently and very publicly visited Yasukuni Shrine, which honors convicted war criminals.  He would not have got the same kind of grand welcome in USA Congress, nor in South Korea, as he got from our historically illiterate P.M. Abbott.

Politics. New Senator Rickey Muir and Palmer United Party are blocking Abbott govt’s attempts to abolish Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA). But  Industry Minister Ian MacFarlane, is pre-empting the parliament by refusing to renew the contracts of Arena board members.

Abbott gaffe – about Australia being “unsettled” before British colonisation – got an angry response from Aboriginals, including Senator Nova Peris, but notably not from Abbott’s best pro nuclear pal Warren Mundine

Climate change.  Conservative British peer Lord Deben absolutely trashes Abbott’s policies on climate change.Anglican Church urges Abbott to change his climate policies.

Lynas rare earths company, (of the dodgy processing plant in Malaysia) is not going too well, and has moved its head office from Sydney to Kuala Lumpur.

Renewable EnergyClean Energy Finance Corporation (CIFC) continues to fund solar energy initiatives, and following the Al Gore visit, and Clive Palmer’s stance – it looks as if the CIFC will be saved from Abbott.  Interesting times ahead in Australian politics.  Perhaps Tony Abbott’s campaign against renewable energy is about to fall apart?

Australian Capital Territory (ACT) on its way to being Australia’s new energy beacon. and is taking on the anti-wind farm brigade.  Sydney gets the world’s first solar integrated house.


Fukushima. A new critical problem – as the cooling system at nuclear fuel pool 5 is not working.

USA. Wisconsin town faces economic disaster, with the closing of  Kewaunee nuclear power plant, and the prospect of 60 years of clean-up – the first of many tons to have to cope with the nuclear power aftermath.  As USA’s nuclear industry declines, renewed efforts to beat China, Russia, France, South Korea, in selling nukes to Vietnam.

Underground danger, and continuing radiation release from USA’s crippled Waste Isolation Pilot Project (WIPP) in New Mexico

Escalation in nuclear armed submarines, their $100 billion costs now amplified with associated costs to $347 billion.

 UK.  Quakers speak out against Trident nuclear missile program. The proud Scottish  peaceniks, of the 32 years’ campaign to shut down Trident nuclear weapons, renew their  drive, in view of the coming referendum on Scotland’s independence.   Did you know that Last March, two Peace Campers, Heather Stewart and Jamie Watson, broke into the naval base and climbed on board a nuclear powered Astute submarine?  That feat of civil disobedience did not get into the news, did it?  A security failure too, wasn’t it?

National Archives release  a chilling list of nuclear targets in the cold war – perhaps the same targets today?

Ukraine. Continued conflicts there raise a very real danger of attack or accident to their 19 nuclear power plants.

India did  a very bad nuclear deal with USA, Russia and France, in order to engage in international nuclear commerce, despite  its status as a nuclear weapons state outside the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Indian govt is nowcriminalising  nuclear and environmental dissent. 


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