Tony Abbott is knocked back by UK and New Zealand’s Conservative governments, on climate change

Abbott-in-hot-panBritain, New Zealand reject Tony Abbott’s idea for alliance to block action on climate change  Age
June 12, 2014 – National political reporter 
The UK’s conservative climate and energy minister has rejected suggestions his government could form an alliance of “like-minded” nations with Australia to oppose carbon pricing.

Greg Barker has put an end to Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s dream that a group of five countries could be formed to undermine global moves to install carbon pricing and challenge a push by US President Barack Obama for stronger international regulation of climate change.In moves that show Australia is increasingly isolated on the subject, New Zealand’s Prime Minister John Key has also said he was caught off-guard by the idea of an alliance and signalled his government has no intention of walking away from its emissions trading scheme.

The comments leave Canada, with its anti-carbon tax prime minister Stephen Harper as Australia’s only likely ally on the subject.

Mr Barker told British media on Wednesday that the UK would not be joining Australia to challenge international regulation of carbon emissions. ”I think you can take it the UK won’t be joining an alliance against regulation. We are engaged with Australia and New Zealand, encouraging them to take a responsible proactive part in seeking an ambitious global treaty on climate change,” he said……..

Earlier this year, Mr  Cameron said he believed that ”man-made climate change is one of the most serious threats that this country and this world faces”.And earlier this week, Mr Obama and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon said political leaders had to recognise that climate change was the number one priority for governments as the most significant issue the planet faces…..

Mr Abbott’s stance on climate action has also drawn criticism from retiring US politician Henry Waxman, who was at the forefront of clean energy bills in America.

Mr Waxman said Australia, along with Canada, risked being ”behind-the-scenes laggers” rather than leaders on climate policy.

Both nations risked being out of sync with Europe and the US. ”I hope Australia doesn’t turn its back on its leadership role and become a drag on what we need to all be doing around the world,” Mr Waxman told ABC’s 7.30 on Wednesday.

The retiring senior Democrat also criticised the Coalition government’s ”voluntary” direct action policy as ineffectual. ”That never worked anywhere,” he said.


One Response to “Tony Abbott is knocked back by UK and New Zealand’s Conservative governments, on climate change”

  1. cartoonmick Says:

    The “Direct Action Plan” is nothing more than a token gesture to the (supposedly dumb) Australian public.

    We’re supposed to be stupid and believe this ineffective (voluntary) plan will work.

    The election win was not a granting of “mandates” for them to do crazy things, it was an indication of the peoples frustration with the previous government.

    It was an indication of peoples desperation to believe what they were being told in all the promises being presented. FAIL !!!

    A cartoon on the topic . . . .


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