Nuclear fuel rods pool at Fukushima No 4 reactor is in grave danger of collapsing

Japan Nuclear Professor: It’s feared Fukushima fuel pool to “collapse in” at any time; “Any scale of accident is possible” — Expert warns ice wall increases risk that reactor units will move or shift; Buildings ‘very precarious’ even without frozen barrier being constructed (AUDIO)
Radio Forum #72, May 24, 2014 — Translated by DISSENSUS JAPAN, June 10, 2014:

  • Jiro Ishimaru, host: About the current progress of decommissioning…
  • Hiroaki Koide, professor at Kyoto University Research Reactor Institute: […] In November 2013, they started with Reactor #4 because it was the most accessible pool, and the most dangerous. The floor that housed the Used Fuel Pool in Reactor #4 was hugely damaged and it has been feared that the pool might collapse in any time. This is a very dangerous job. Any scale of accident is possible. But they have to do it. […]
  • Translation of complete interview available here

WBUR — Here and Now, June 9, 2014:

  • Ken Buesseler, senior scientist at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution: Maybe there’s some side effects [to the ice wall] that might also creep into this game, that they really haven’t considered here… if you stop the flow of water into certain soil, you can get things like settling — Buildings can move, so these are very precarious situation anyways, so we don’t want to have shifting.
  • Full WBUR broadcast available here

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