On Climate Change, fossil fool Tony Abbott embarrasses Australia yet again

Dear oh dear!  It’s such an embarrassment!

Abbott-fiddling-global-warm Australia, (population 23 million, about the size of one city in Asia) has a Prime Minister who confidently lectures the whole world against taking any effective action on climate change. Tony Abbott’s on a whirlwind trip to Canada and USA to preach his gospel of promotion for fossil fuel industries

US President Barack Obama speaks out forcefully on the need to act, on carbon pricing as the most effective action, and has introduced significant action to cut greenhouse gases. China has started 6 regional emissions trading schemes.The World Bank’s survey found that 39 countries and more than 23 States and provinces have adopted emissions trading schemes or a carbon tax. No worries. Abbott pronounces that there  is “no sign” that such schemes are being adopted.

The Australian tragedy of all this is that –  Abbott is probably not lying. He is ignorant.  He got into power via the money of the fossil fuel lobbies and the propaganda of the Murdoch media. Abbott gave a wonderfully informed and authoritative description of the theory of man-made climate change. He said it is “absolute crap” Yes, we have  a fool for  a PM, and it’s a national embarrassment.


Wait to see the blackly funny side of this.  Tony Abbott is  a firm supporter of the nuclear industry. When he has destroyed all action on climate change in Australia, and when he has stopped renewable energy development there – watch Abbott suddenly believe in climate change ‘action’.  That’s when Tony Abbott will come all out in favour of nuclear power as the ‘solution to climate change’ –Christina Macpherson, 11 June 14


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