Tony Abbott might have trouble keeping Climate Change off the G20 agenda, as he meets Obama next week

AUDIO Obama expected to ask Abbott to put climate change back on G20 agenda, ABC Radio The World Today 3 June 14, ELEANOR HALL: The Prime Minister Tony Abbot will meet the US president in Washington next week, and politics watchers in the US say there is virtually no chance that the issue of climate change and the new targets that the president announced today won’t be raised.
The Australian Prime Minister is also likely to come under more pressure from Barack Obama to put climate change back on the agenda of the G20 meeting that Australia is to host in November.


David Waskow is climate analyst from the World Resources Institute.

He spoke to me from Washington a short time ago.

DAVID WASKOW: This is a major step forward in US climate policy. This is one of, if not the most significant steps that the US can take in terms of regulating carbon emissions……..


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