Latest Abbott embarrassment – he connects World War 2 casualties with business and carbon tax!

abbott-smilesTony Abbott raises eyebrows after linking WWII D-Day memorial with policies on mining and carbon taxes, Brisbane Times Alexandra Back June 2, 2014  Prime Minister Tony Abbott has courted controversy by linking a commemoration of the 70th anniversary of D-Day to his government’s policies.

On Sunday afternoon the Prime Minister released a video which he began by saying the D-day landings had changed the course of human history. Seconds later Mr Abbott makes an odd segue into a message for overseas investors, that Australia is open for business.

He goes on to talk about the government’s commitment to repealing the carbon tax and the mining tax, then returns to D-day. 

“The United States, Canada and France are long standing friends. We stood together at D-Day, we trade every day and we have always shared a commitment to democracy, to enterprise and to people’s right to be free,” he says in the video.

The conflation of the two messages raised eyebrows on Twitter with Greens leader Christine Milne, political commentator George Megalogenis and comedian Charlie Pickering among those criticising the PM.

Each week Mr Abbott posts a video detailing ”important events for the week”.

On this most recent post, and after Fairfax Media became aware of the video on Sunday night, someone changed the title from ”A message from the PM – 70th Anniversary of the D-day landings” to ”A message from the PM – Visit to France, Canada and United States”.

Unfortunately for the Prime Minister’s office the opening graphic on the video retains the original title. The link to the transcript of the video can no longer be accessed……….

Over 3000 Australians were involved – including 2500 air force personnel who provided air support for the Allied landings. Following the D-day commemorations, I will be travelling to Canada and the United States – and will be joined by Australian business leaders.

”My message to overseas investors is that Australia is open for business.”……..


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