Mothers Day – what a day to consider gaol for Mari Takenouchi !

a-cat-CANIronically, two stories about  Mari Takenouchi appear on “Mother’s Day”.  And we learn what happens to a single mother of an infant son. when she speaks out on the Fukushima nuclear disaster and government secrecy surrounding it.  What will happen to Mari Takenouchi  and her little boy?   It could be, that if she “shuts up” about the health effects, and the secrecy surrounding the nuclear crisis, she and her son will be together, and alright.  

If she speaks out, perhaps it is separation, and gaol for this mother.  Either way, her son loses out. Yet she has had the courage to speak out not only for her child, but for all children in the area – for all children in Japan/ for all the world’s children?  


World authorities seem to be turning their back on this problem. Notably health aithofrities, UNSCEAR and WHO word their statements so carefully, so as not to offend the global nuclear industry. They carefully do not investigate certain aspects, such as the effect of ingested radioactive particles “internal emitters”.  They point out the difficulties of estimating cancer effects decades later –  as if that means that there are NO effects.   Like radiation itself – its effects at this easrly stage are “invisible –  therefore it is argued that they don’t exist. 

Secrecy and doubletalk protect an industry that apparently is “too big (and too dangerous)  to fail”

Time that the world chose to first protect mothers and infants, people like Mari Takenouchi.


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