Matthias Corman the government’s newly created star for justifying its destruction of Australian Renewable Energy Agency?

Is it not pathetic that a Liberal government should be so determinedly aiming to stifle business?Corman,-Matthias-monster

a-cat-CANIn Australia, people on the Left have always criticised the Liberal Party for being so “pro business”, at the expense of other section sof the society.

Now, we’ve got a Liberal Coalition government that is hell-bent to stamp out business –   or at least any business that has something to do with 20th Century renewable energy technology.    The fact that solar and wind energy, (and energy efficiency) are making great strides now, and getting cheaper, and Oh My God, showing that small distrib uted energy sources can be effective and cheap –  that fact seems to have spooked Tony Abbott, as well as spooking rather dim-witted energy utility executives. (I mean, they could have got on board with the coming energy revolution instead of fighting it)

Never mind. Abbott ploughs ahead.  And look!  He’s got a new creation!   Coming from nowhere there’s the steely-eyed unblinking Matthias Corman. Corman does not flinch as he adroitly promotes Abbott’s despicable and ridiculous policies on renewable enegy.  Here’s a monster in the making, for even Tony Abbott. As Abbott hides, perchance his creation might later be  a menace, like Frankenstein’s monster was.


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