Floating nuclear reactors – latest crackpot gimmick from the nuclear industry

Not in Australia (because Abbott is not yet quite ready for this) – but everywhere else –  the nuclear lobby is touting itself as the answer to global warming.

I was very taken by the latest spiel fro MIT – they’re getting desperate about being unable to market Small Modulat Nuclear Reactors to anybody (except perhaps Tony Abbott & co.)  So – they’ve come up with  a newie.  – Floating Nuclear Reactors.

Never mind the issues of safety, economics, radioactive pollution –  their big selling point is that the reactors will be kept cool by discharging heat into the oceans. They proudly boast  – the ocean is a “heat sink”.   But wait a minute –  aren’t we supposed to be preventing global warming?  Isn’t the heating of the oceans a major factor in heating the planet?



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