Julie Bishop, Australia’s own Nuclear Honorary Male

a-cat-CANWell, well, here am I always advocating that women should play a major role in matters nuclear.   But look out for the Nuclear Honorary Males.

Yes, women are occasionally let in to the pro nuclear system.  As long as  they are selected by the middle-aged white male corporatocracy.

For example:

  • Dixie Lee Ray, former chairwoman of the Atomic Energy Commission
  • Margaret Thatcher – pushed for nuclear power (yes, to address climate change) but mainly in order to crush the coal miners’ union. Fan of nuclear weapons
  • Anne Lauvergeon, former CEO of nuclear octopus AREVA

and we, in Australia, have  Julie Bishop. In Hiroshima  she dismissed the call of the non nuclear nations to work for  a ban on nuclear weapons

Ms Bishop says:
 ‘to ban the bomb’ may be emotionally appealing, but the reality is that disarmament cannot be imposed this way’
“the horrendous humanitarian consequences of nuclear weapons are precisely why deterrence has worked” 
Now we do know how silly it is for women, or men, to be emotional about the humanitarian consequences of atomic bombing. Don’t we?
Those Nuclear Honorary Males are not silly like that.

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